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Lancaster: Have your cake and drink it!

Lancaster held its’ third cakey gathering and they just keep getting better.

We met at the Nice Cafe Bar at the Storey in Lancaster city centre who allowed us to use an area, a large area ‘cos there were lots of us, in their lovely, modern cafe. Andrew and staff looked after us wonderfully, as well as looking on in wonder, as all these boxes containing cake kept arriving.

And what cakes!  The theme was Have your cake and drink it! and this was interpreted wisely and widely. i’ve been requested by members to blog all bakers and their cakes, so here goes:

Lynne (in post Paris mode) – Gateau au chocolat et framboises

Kathryn – Strawberry Daiquiri cake

Catriona – Hot chocolate cake, served with marshmallows on top

Martje – Advocaat cake

Carol – Apricot and cherry tea loaf

Gareth (with help from Isabelle) – Velvet Elvis cake

Karen – Gin and tonic cake

Agnes – Plum and palinka cake

Eve – Brandy snap cake

Laura – Woo Woo cake

Margaret – Coffee, soaked with brandy, gateau

Alaina – Aztec cake (once seen, never forgotten)

Carole – Vodka and orange cake

Fiona – Guiness and chocolate cake

Vicky – 3 ingredient Teacake

Ally – Champagne cake

Debi (who came as a guest.,left as a member) – Fat free tea bread

The photos say it all! We had a fantastic time, and I think I got to talk to everyone this time. It was sad some members could not attend, but hope to see them soon either at our December event or in 2013. And of course, visits to open house in Overton will be available when I’m home, with a very big Christmas cake to welcome you.

Dont forget Lancashire Life with a special article should be out on Wednesday, and news of the first 2013 event announced next weekend.

Keep baking, Lynne.




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