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Barnstaple & North Devon Cake Club – January 2013 Meeting

The theme for our January meeting was ‘Vegetables are Great in Cakes’ and we had a very tasty line up of healthy cakes.

We started with a cake combination that I felt very nervous about but one that I really wanted to try, a Chocolate Sauerkraut cake. The recipe came from David Lebovitz and is published on the web here: I managed to break the cake rather badly when taking it out of the tin so pieces rather than a whole cake came to the meeting.

Next up was a rather gorgeous, almost 5 a day in one cake, a lovely combination of courgette, sweet potato, dried cherries, chocolate chips, spices and a rather delicious apricot liqueur icing. Recipe here:



Then we moved onto a rather beautiful Chocolate Beetroot cake that was both moist and light at the same time.  The recipe comes from Nigel Slater :



Next up a courgette and chocolate cake sweetly spiced and very moreish :


Chocolate & Courgette


Then a french recipe for potato cake with a marmalade drizzle and a seriously gorgeous cake slice to serve it with:


potato cake-2


Finally a Courgette and Lemon Cake, again from David Lebovitz:

courgette and lemon


The recipe for this cake is available here:

The theme for February will be ‘Nuts about Cake’ and we will be moving around the coast to the lovely seaside village of Instow.


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