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Stamford CCC – we used our loaves!

The February meeting of the Stamford CCC saw 16 bakers and one guest get together to eat cake, talk cake, and take cake home – and what a lot of cake there was!

The theme was ‘Use your loaf’ and everyone certainly did. The group saw a huge leap in numbers this month thanks to a brilliant feature in our local paper, The Stamford Mercury – 10 bakers were new members and we welcomed them with open cakey arms. With 16 loaf cakes we had a challenge on our hands to taste them all, but we did the cake table justice and all of the cakes were sampled. Luckily we stuck to small pieces so we weren’t too overwhelmed.

Our event was held in The William Cecil hotel, Stamford, in their lovely conservatory room ( They label themselves as ‘quirky luxury’ and I think we’d all agree with that – beautiful surroundings with a great atmosphere. They do weddings at the hotel – one member was married here at the end of last year – and you can see why it makes a wonderful venue. Thanks to the staff who really looked after us – they seemed very happy with their huge pile of cake at the end of the evening.

Everyone chatted non-stop about cake and life, we put the world to rights, and the loaves were devoured. We had a great range of flavours, including a controversial savoury cake – cheese and courgette – which was one of the favourites of the night. My own cake, a jaffa orange drizzle, also came with home-made jaffa cakes, which were as good (if not better) than the shop-bought. Other highlights included a tropical mango loaf, sweet and tangy; chilli chocolate, with a secret heat that took you by surprise; a Mars loaf, which I believe included 6 Mars bars; several variations on the banana loaf theme, each of them different – but we were all surprised at the lack of a lemon drizzle loaf!

A few of us talked about how great cake club is for providing a way to meet new friends under relaxed circumstances, being able to indulge our cake passion in fun places. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start making friends, and many of the local interest clubs are all held during the day, so those of us with full-time jobs can’t get involved. I’m glad cake club has given us cakey Stamford people a place to meet and have fun together.

Thank you to all the bakers who came and hopefully had a good time – looking forward to the next one, which aims to be a special one… Details to follow shortly!

banana banana banana choc banana crunchie beetroot choc blueberry muffin cheese courgette chilli choc choc orange double choc ginger redbush

jaffamars nutty banana choc tea tropical mango vanilla banana gingerbread P1020772 P1020774 P1020779

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    I baked a savoury cake for the first time in January. For Lancaster’s “out with the old and in with the new” theme. Feta & olive were my choice ingredients. I am a convert to savoury cakes and I plan to bake more!
    Looks like a great event. The mars offering looks particularly tempting!

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