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Grand Cayman Valentine Event

gardenia courst

For our Grand Cayman ‘My Funny Valentine’ event we met on a lovely cool and breezy Sunday afternoon in a secluded courtyard at Camana Bay. Lots of cakey discussion and other topics from fraud to face painting – we are diverse bunch alright!

Next one soon come ..

Annette’s towering heart shaped red velvet with buttercream roses, if that doesn’t say ‘love’ I don’t know what does
Brenda’s cake was white and pink chequerboard inside covered in chocolate icing, topped with mandarins and chocolate covered cherries – what’s not to love?
Jessica’s raspberry mousse cake with thick chocolate ganache and homemade white chocolate covered cherries – a very sophisticated and tasty way to say those three little words
My ‘Persian Love Cake’ scented with nutmeg which is rumoured to be an aphrodisiac! Served with honeyed Greek yogurt and raspberries which at Cayman prices really do mean ‘ I love you’
Sharlee’s chocolate rum truffle cake who really must love us cake clubbers as she decorated so beautifully with strawberries when she doesn’t even like them! Cake and berries were delicious.

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