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Photograph by Jill Jennings ( photographer)

Lynn Hill ( Centre) with CCC members at The Corn Exchange Leeds. Photograph by Jill Jennings ( photographer)
If you wish to use this picture for any PR features please email and certainly credit Jill Jennings.

Welcome to the Clandestine Cake Club

Founded by me, Lynn Hill in the summer of 2010 the first CCC event on December 11th 2010 was held in Leeds. It had nothing to do with a resurgence in baking, neither was it because of any popularity in baking programs, it was purely a need in getting more people together over Tea and Cake, without having to do all the baking myself. The people can do the baking and they can invite a guest. It was that simple”

Mission statement – Bake, Eat and Talk about Cake


The hardest part was getting the first venue, and with the help of Emma Bearman of Culture Vulture who introduced me to Nicola of The Culture Company, my first location was booked. As with all clubs there are rules and CCC is no exception.

  • No Cupcakes, Muffins, Brownies, Pies or Tart. It’s all about Cake
  • You get to take cake home

If you want to speak to me about CCC then please contact me at the email address below. And if you do print anything about CCC please include the above statement

email –  lynn(at)


How it came about

2010 – I wanted to create opportunities for more people to get together over tea and cake, yet be away from The Secret Tea Room. After many interesting Twitter discussions, Clandestine Cake Club was born. See above statement.

Why it’s different to the Secret Tea Room

Members will bake their own cake at home and bring it along to a planned Secret Location. Social interaction with strangers will still be there where the creative talents of members will be on display and shared, eaten and enjoyed with others.

What kind of vibe will it have

There will be Adventure, allowing you to be free and creative in what cake you bake. There will be fun in seeing what others have created from Themes such as Boozy cake, favourite cakes, Midsummer Madness, Secret Garden, Cocktail & Mocktail,, and many more. Each Secret venue will be different, both in size and location. So a commitment to baking a cake and bringing it along, will be paramount.

Why get involved?

Because you love to Bake, Eat and Talk about Cake. Because you love the mystique of a secret location and the different people attending. You love the baking challenge when given a theme. You’re not afraid to experiment with ingredients, no matter how bizarre or unusual.

Not a competition!

We are not competing against each other, so don’t get hung up about what your cake looks or tastes like, it will be great.

The Cake only Rule

CCC is not like any other club. You can share a cake, you cannot share a cupcake, Muffin or a Brownie. There is interaction and conversation as soon as you begin to slice a cake, that you don’t seem to get when you pick up a cupcake etc


Come and join us. register as a member and join a group/club. Look out for a venue near you. If there isn’t one think about creating one yourself

Happy Baking

Lynn Hill

Founder of Clandestine Cake Club