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Headingley- Free From Cakes!

September 11, 2013 in Headingley

For our second meeting of the newly reformed Headingley group we decided to tackle “free from” cakes!

We had some completely wonderful creations which were all gluten free and all chocolate!


This Was Ruth’s Gluten free chocolate cake baked with a wonderfully taste chickpea flour topped with raspberries…Yum!



This was Emma’s flourless chocolate cake, made with a double chocolate kick using cocoa powder and chocolate




This is Ingrid’s beautiful chocolate almond cake topped with wonderfully tasty and beautiful crystallized sunflower petals




This was my offering of a chocolate and fennel mousse cake with crystallized fennel!

We all dug in, ate lots and felt a little sick after eating all of that chocolate!

Thanks for a lovely evening again ladies!


Yorkshire Day! Perfect cakes to have with a cuppa! – Sponsored by Yorkshire Tea

August 2, 2013 in Headingley

This was our very first meeting as the new reformed Headingley group!

Our theme for the meeting was “Yorkshire day: Perfect cakes to have with a cuppa!”, we received some lovely goodies from Yorkshire tea which we shared amongst ourselves.

We held our event at “Heart Cafe”  in the centre of Headingley, they were very welcoming and were quite excited to have us hold our meeting with them.

Heart Cafe

As it was a beautiful day we decided to set up in the courtyard to the back of the cafe.

We had a good turn out of 6 delightful cakes, ranging from gluten free honey cakes, to battenbergs, victoria sponge and a range of tea loaves.


Jo’s super boozy fruit loaf!


Ingrid’s gluten free honey cake


My offering of a battenberg


Ruth’s Earl Grey and lemon tea loaf


Kate’s Brack- A traditional Yorkshire Tea loaf.


Catherine’s Victoria sponge

A lovely evening had by all!  It was lovely to meet everyone and was truly yummy!

Rachel :)