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Need and nice to know

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© Picture by Abigail Read illustrator for the Clandestine Cake Club Cook Book 

Just a few Rules and guidelines, every club has them and CCC is no exception.  We are all adults so please be polite. Please DO NOT:

  • spam to members
  • self promote your Baking/Cake/business or enterprise. Any such comments will be deleted from the activity stream. If you want to advertise here are some details. 
  • copy pictures/ideas/text without permission
  • book a place and then decide not to show up without notifying the organiser. How would you feel if you invited family and friends for dinner and they all decided not to show up without letting you know. You’d be pretty unhappy wouldn’t you.


Please DO

  • get to know other members
  • join a group/club
  • try and attend an event, it’s great fun
  • think about creating your own Clandestine Cake Club. Have a read of this first.
  • not worry about what your cake will be like this is not a competition and no-one will judge you
  • make new friends at these events
  • rejuvenate your interest in baking

Remember CCC is a cake club, not a baking club.

Support your CCC organiser, here’s why. 

Below is an example of the sort or cakes that find their way to a CCC event. Or why not have a read of some of the club write ups to see what fun members have

 Victoria Sponge cakes of all kinds.  pic by Becs Rivett

 Battenburg This one was made by Sally a member of CCC – Leeds

Cheesecake pic by Gemma Myers of CCC – Bristol