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6 Podcasts for foodies, bloggers and creatives.

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I love listening to podcasts.

They help me through some insomnia nights when I just cannot sleep. I often listen to them when there is nothing on TV to watch.

I try to find those that are food related, or help motivate and support food writers and bloggers. These are the 6 podcasts that I’m currently listening to. Some have been going for a few years such as The Food Blogger pro, of which I’m currently binge listening to. Some episodes I need to listen a few times as they contain such a lot of information and I never seem to have a note book with me.

Podcast App

I listen to all podcasts using the Podcast app on my phone. It makes searching for other podcasts much easier and I get notified of any new episodes as soon as they are uploaded.

Podcast for Foodies and Bloggers

Food Blogger Pro –  First began in July 2015 and is hosted by Bjork Ostrom the creator, whose wife Lyndsay is the founder of Pinch of Yum website. If you’re a food blogger, you’re sure to find the interviews with fellow food bloggers interesting as many started out their journey as a hobby blogger, turning their hobby into a full time business with millions of website page views each month on their website. As you listen to each story, you learn that goals are achievable if you’re prepared to put in the hard work. One theme running through each of the podcasts is to find your niche and blog about what you love to do. A journey which I am newly discovering for myself with Clandestine Cake.

The Food Program (BBC Radio 4)  A great podcast on a variety of topics if you’re interest is food.

The Food Chain ( BBC World Service) As with the BBC Food program, this is another great podcast to listen to if your interest is food. It also covers a variety of really interesting topics.

Podcasts for Creatives and Entrepreneurs

Letters from a Hopeful Creative – A podcast for Creative Humans. This podcast is hosted by two of my favourite internet people. Sara Tasker (Me and Orla) and Jen Carrington. As the title suggests, they respond to letters from creative people. Sara and Jen give advise based on their own years of experience building their individual creative businesses.

Hashtag Authentic Another podcast hosted by Sara Tasker. There are interviews with a variety of guests. Each sharing their stories of how they built their instagram, with insights into how you too can grow your following. Sara also offers practical Instagram courses which are sold out within hours of being launched.

Conversations of Inspiration Hosted by Holly Tucker founder of Not on the High Street. I love this podcast.  Guests are from all industries, often starting their business in their kitchens and homes with just an idea and very little money. With a great deal of blood, sweat and tears some have gone onto becoming a multi million pound company, with some almost going bankrupt in the process. But with sheer grit and determination have worked their way through some difficult times. Listening to the ‘letters to their younger selves’ which Holly asks each guest to read out at the end of each show, are heartwarming to say the least.

Do you listen to podcasts?

Please leave a comment below and let me know what podcasts you listen to.


  1. Thanks again Lynn. I’m thanking you all morning today. Podcasts that I haven’t yet discovered. I’m finding it incredibly hard to find my voice for my blog so hopefully these will inspire me.

    • Lynn Hill - Clandestine Cake

      Paul. Another podcast to listen to is The Theory of Content. I learnt a lot from listening to their podcasts. SEO, Keywords, what to write about and more. There’s lots of interviews with other bloggers, mostly food bloggers. It’s run by mediaVine – a platform similar to Google adsence.

      You’ll eventually find your voice. Just keep writing. Write as you speak, don’t write like it’s a novel. No fancy words. That’s what I learnt listening to these podcasts. Good luck.

  2. This is great. I’ve just discovered podcasts (I know, I’m a bit late to that party) and your recommendations sound excellent. Thank you!

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