A Viennese Whirl

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For a long time I had wanted to visit the historic city of Vienna. Renowned for its beautiful architecture and its wonderful bakeries, cakes and cafés. When I heard that CCC Vienna were celebrating their first birthday last June, I booked a place and off I went.

I flew with British Airways from Leeds with a connection from Heathrow London, then on to Vienna. We sat on the plane for 90 minutes on the runway while we waited for the storms over London to pass and allow us to take off. The slight turbulence throughout most of the flight was not one that my husband would have been happy with had he come with me.

A further 90 minutes later we landed safely in Vienna and I checked into my hotel by the river Danube. What a view! I took every opportunity to watch the world go by on this amazing river. The following evening I met the cake club members and we had a fabulous time eating cakes at the home of Emma, the club organiser.

The following day, Emma and I spent the whole day wondering around Vienna. First we stopped for coffee and cake at Demel Café. In many ways it reminded me of Bettys, who have the most famous Tearooms in Yorkshire. There were so many cakes to choose from, my choice was Coffee Cake. Thin layers of light sponge, strongly flavoured with coffee, just how I like my cakes.

Throughout the day, as we walked around this wonderful city, we met up with other members of the group. For lunch we dined at the famous Café Central, an historic building filled with awe inspiring decor, and of course some amazing looking cakes and desserts. I just had to sample one.

The cake tour ended with more coffee and a slice of Apple Streusel at a lovely café, which I forget the name of. The thin, crispy layers of filo pastry, filled with oodles of fruit and spices, were divine.

My one sadness was the sachertorte. The only occasion I sampled this famous cake was at my hotel, where I found the dry chocolate sponge a disappointment.

I learnt how to make sachertorte at Bettys Cookery School, their recipe was moist and chocolatey. Always worth a second slice.

One day I shall return to this beautiful city of Vienna and explore more of its cafés and culture.

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