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The beginning.

In December 2010, I planted a little acorn called the Clandestine Cake Club, with the hope that it would one day grow into an oak tree. It quickly germinated, reaching mighty proportions. In almost 8 years, memberships reached a staggering 20,000 and over 200 clubs that spanned the length and breadth of Great Britain also reaching around the globe, from the USA to Australia, from the Netherlands to Japan.

Our very first clandestine event in Leeds

In the press and on TV

Gallery of Clandestine Cake Club 

Members came from all walks of life, they would gather at their regional clubs for monthly or quarterly events, held at locations that were announced just a few days beforehand – hence the ‘clandestine’! – eager to share the cakes that they and others had baked according to a given theme.

Cake took centre stage at every CCC event, and we always tried to give members imaginative, engaging, and often seasonal or festive themes to inspire them.

It was at these events, that lifelong friendships were born.

On 31stJuly 2018, everything changed.

Because of the success of the club, I found it increasingly difficult to personally administer, maintain and fund the running costs of the website. Which is why closing all the clubs down was such a difficult decision to make

My mission was to bring people together around the world through their love of baking. I think I’ve achieved that. I like to think that I have brought people together, establishing long term friends, who would never have met any other way. I still believe that interaction and conversation begin when you cut the first slice of cake.

There’s something quite solitary and lonely about eating a cupcake, muffin or a brownie. You can share a whole cake.

Lindsey one of the organisers of CCC North Herts sums everything up perfectly in her final club post. ‘Thank you for the cake and so much more’

What’s next.

As I close this chapter of the Clandestine Cake Club, a new chapter begins.

Thank you for all the fun days, the support and wonderful cakes. You can help continue that sharing on the closed CCC Facebook group.

Lynn Hill 

All enquiries: Lynn@clandestinecakeclub.co.uk