AEG Multifunction Steam Bake Oven

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My Tired Old Kitchen is about to have a wake up call. For 20 years it has served me well, but the drawers are falling apart and I need more storage space and work surfaces.

How fortunate that an invitation to the Good Housekeeping Institute should pop into my mail box, at just the right time, inviting me to the launch of AEG new Multifunction Steam Bake Oven on 16th March. I was also offered the chance to review one of these ovens. To complete the ensemble, I have decided to get an AEG Induction Hob and Extractor fan.

I have been making my own bread for several years, and until recently tried creating my own oven steam, with a tray of water on the floor of the oven, to get the lovely crispy crust. But, after our introduction by the AEG team, followed by a demo from Richard Burr, finalist in the GBBO series 5, I realised I was doing it all wrong. Richard explained that it’s important that you pop your bread in the oven during the crucial first 5 mins when the steam in the Steam Bake Oven is produced.


Richard Burr

As soon as my kitchen is fitted, around early June, I’ll be putting the oven through its paces to produce recipes to share.

What I’m most looking forward to, apart from making delicious crusty bread and lots of cakes, is the fact that the oven takes only minutes to heat up. If you’re anything like me I’ll either have my oven heated ages before it’s needed, thus wasting energy, or I’ll forget to put it on all together.

We were given a goody bag of recipe cards and slices of Bakewell Tart made by Richard, along with a large oven (Glove) sheet, not made by Richard, which I’m going to save to use in my new kitchen.


Rhubarb and Ginger Bakewell Tart

Over the weekend I made a jumbo version of Richard’s Rhubarb and Ginger Bakewell Tart. I found the recipe very easy to upscale. On this occasion I increased the pastry and Frangipane ingredients by 50%. I’ve sliced it in half. One half to be frozen with the idea of reheating and refresh in the Steambake oven to see how it works. I have a feeling it’ll taste just as good when first baked.

By the way, the tart goes really well with freshly made custard and Richard’s Rhubarb and Ginger Jam recipe was a dream to make and tastes really good.

The Multifunction Steam Bake oven is available June 2016


I will receive a complementary Multifunction SteamBake oven to review. An AEG Hob and Extractor fan will be supplied at a discounted price.

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