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Since early this year I have been planning a new kitchen. Around March, AEG offered me the chance to receive one of their new Multifunction SteamBake ovens. Of course I said yes. I am so glad I did. I say this because, originally I wasn’t going to change my current oven at all, it was only a few years old and worked perfectly well, but now that I have an oven that is at a more manageable level, my previous oven was a conventional oven which I was finding more and more difficult to bend down these days.

My kitchen is finally finished, and the oven was fitted just over a week ago and since then I have been putting it through its paces. I baked everything from Pizzas to Fish Pies, Bread and cakes.


Once I mastered the controls, I found them very easy to use. LCD numbered controls which are very easy and clear to read. I was amazed at how quickly the oven heats up. It took just 5 mins to heat to 180 deg – cake baking temperature. This, is bound to save me loads on my fuel bill, as I often, unnecessarily, would heat up the old oven well in advance.

It beeps to tell you when you have reached your required temperature, and if you use the timer, it beeps to let you know there are just a few mins to go. It’s like having an assistant in your kitchen. For the absent minded part of me, there is a button, when pressed, that confirms what your temperature is at. If you are multi baking, you can easily check that you are baking at the correct temperature.


I love the Steam Bake function. 150ml of cold water placed in the centre well of a cold oven and within 5 mins the oven is ready for what ever you are baking. I’ve made several cakes using this function, see a couple of my recipes below, and they seem to have a more moist texture when baked. Another good reason why I’m glad I accepted this oven. One word of caution, leave the oven to do the steaming and not open the oven door until the baking is done or you will lose all that lovely moisture. Unless you want a hot facial. Even worse if you are wearing glasses as I do.

There is plenty of shelf space, with functions that allow you to bake on different levels, such as the bottom shelf where more heat is needed to avoid those soggy bottoms. A grill, which I have yet to use, above the top shelf is spacious enough for plenty of toast or grilling a family favourite of mine,  Spanish Omelettes.

I can’t wait to try the Pyrolytic Cleaning function, which I may not need for a while, as spills and splashes clean off pretty easily.

To sum up. I agree with AEG, that this is taking my baking to the next level. I am sure it will do for you too.


I bake bread almost daily and this recipe is adapted from several I have made over the years. The Steambake function allows the dough to rise just that little bit longer before forming a lovely crust on the top. I used to place hot water in a dish in my old oven, but somehow, it never created the right amount of steam.

Cakes are a must in our house. A slice with morning coffee or a light Tea Time treat, these two recipes are easy to make and last several days. I made them both using the SteamBake Function and to my delight their texture was lovely and moist. Is there such a word as moister? If there is, then my cakes, are moister for having used the Steambake function.

Strawberry Swirl Pound Cake

Strawberry Swirl Pound Cake

Half and Half Sandwich Loaf

Half and Half Sandwich Loaf 

Orange Madeira Cake

Orange Madeira Cake


For a chance to win one of these Ovens, head over to our competition page.

Disclosure: I was sent the AEG Steam Bake oven with the purpose of a review. All words and recipes are my own.


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  1. To Bake with Steam
    Is my true Dream
    When all is done and said
    My cupcakes soft , my muffins pert
    And oh my goodness — my Bread !!
    To make my baking stand tall and proud
    Steam the thing you have to agree
    So make me a winner wont you please
    & I’ll love my AEG

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