Afternoon Tea Week at St Ermin’s Hotel

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Afternoon Tea week 10th – 16th August 2015

I need no excuse to celebrate afternoon tea.  So I am delighted to hear that a whole week is dedicated to this very English pastime. I was invited by Nudge PR and AfternoonTeaUK, along with other fellow afternoon tea fans, to join them and help launch this special week.

Afternoon Tea aficionado Jo Christy, ( Miss Sue Flay) and I arrived to find we were seated on the balcony of this lovely St Ermin’s Hotel in Westminster. So called because “the hotel was built on the site of a 15th Century chapel originally built by Henry II in thanks for an Irish monk’s prayers which he believed saved him and his fleet from a stormy death of the French Coast. That monk went on to be canonised as St. Ermin”.

St Ermin's Hotel London St Ermin's Hotel London

St Ermin’s Hotel and Bee Hive

The first thing we did before sitting down to cakey deliciousness was to visit the 200k or so Honey bees that have permanent residency on the 3rd floor of the Hotel. Thankfully there was a respectable sheet of thick glass between us and the very active inhabitants.

St Ermin's Hotel Bee Hive
We sat on the front balcony under a canopy of parasols, which came in very handy later in the afternoon as the rain very gently came down. Jo and I were teetering on the edge of saturation when one of the hotel staff came over to move our table a little more under the parasol. We were then able to carry on eating and sipping champagne without too much interruption.

St Ermin's Bee and Bee Hotel

The tables were set for 4 places each. With fellow guests Suzy, Natasha, Jo and myself only 3 servings arrived on what I can only describe as a cutlery draw with the bottom taken out and a handle on the top for easy carrying. I can see why they used this form of serving as there was very little room on the table for several plates at once. But, I’m an old-fashioned gal, so give me plates every time. We requested a 4th serving which arrived on a plate.

Champagne and Scones

We were served unlimited Champagne, which for my sweet tooth tasted rather nice. I gather it was a little sweet for some other guests. The scones/Sconz debate just had to be discussed, followed by the right and wrongs of serving Cream or Jam first. Thankfully Jo was on hand to give us a few pointers on afternoon tea etiquette which she is well known for and pointed out that there is no right or wrong way.  So we got stuck in to a choice of Sultana – Milk Chocolate and Strawberry – Sea Salt. My random choice was the Chocolate and Strawberry with a good dollop of Clotted Cream and jam.

Table set for afternoon tea Afternoon Tea menu Afternoon Tea Cakes and sandwiches
Yuzu Posset was also on the menu. Never having tasted this Lemony flavoured fruit, I didn’t know what to expect. The posset was thick and smooth and the slight lemony taste was nice. I must give Yuzu a try next time I’m baking cakes.

Afternoon Tea Afternoon Tea Cakes
I was lovely to finally meet Suzy Pelta, winner of Lorraine Show Cake Club competition. We follow people on social media but it can take months, if not years, before we finally get to meet.

A lovely goodie bag of Teas and Preserves. Including a room infuser with a Darjeeling scene.

What lovely deliciousness will you be baking to help celebrate Afternoon Tea Week? Check out details of how you can get involved with Afternoon Tea Week


Many thanks to NudgePR and Afternoon Tea Uk for the invitation to join them.

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