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It’s been a year since we had our new kitchen refitted and slowly but surely I am filling it with some new baking and cooking equipment. After 20 years of wear and tear, we decided to take the plunge and have it totally gutted and rebuilt. In the year since its completion, I’ve started to look at the utensils and kitchen equipment that work best for me, as I am the one doing most of the cooking and baking.

I’ve admired and coveted the Joseph Joseph nest mixing bowls, for quite a while.  So when the chance came to review some of their products, I added one to my wish list along with the Compact Folding Cook Book stand.

Both arrived well packaged a week ago and I was keen to get started. I’ve been using them ever since. I wanted to give them a good road test, before I added my review.

I’d heard of Joseph Joseph before and bought, their Adjustable ruling pin whilst in Spain a few year ago. I love it. It makes rolling pastry that much easier and more even.


Joseph Joseph Cookbook Stand

I’ve had other kinds of Cook Book stands before, where I had to leave them out on a window sill or shelf, because they took up far too much space. They also toppled over if I baked from a top-heavy book. However, this book stand by Joseph Joseph coped with all of this. It was easy to flick through the pages without having to take the book off the bookstand. It was the perfect prop for my iPad and phone too. When it came to putting it away, this was the best bit, it folded up like a book making it very easy to store away on my shelf.

Joseph Joseph Nest Mix

All week I’ve been using the Nest Mix to make cakes and mix eggs to make omelettes.  The set consists of a set of 3 mixing bowls  and an egg-yolk separator. Each bowl has an integrated egg cracker.

Bowl Sizes

  • Small mixing bowl 1.4L/1.5 US QT
  • Medium mixing bowl 2.4L/2.5 US QT
  • Large mixing bowl 3.8L/4 US QT

They are light in weight each with a non-slip base – good when using a hand-held mixer. They have good pouring spouts too. I loved the integrated egg cracker. No more trying to crack eggs on the counter top. This worked a treat and cut through the egg shell like butter and first time too. Although it is not blade sharp,  it might be an idea to watch when young bakers are using these bowls, just in case.

Joseph Joseph 3.8L mixing bowl

I keep most of my other baking bowls hidden away in cupboards or drawers. But these are so light-weight and colourful, that I keep them on my shelf, along with the folding Cook Book Stand. This makes it quick and easy to reach out for them.


Disclosure: This is not a sponsored/paid for post. However, I was sent the Nest Mix set and Cook Book stand as a gift with no obligation to do a review. All words are my own.


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