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Beverage Bakes and Cakes in Scarborough

it’s Saturday it’s cake club day
This meet was held at the Cask Inn Scarborough a lovely local pub which I have not been in for a long time and used to frequent when I was at college.
My dad picked me up as always and with my cake balanced on my knee we made our way across the busy Scarborough Valley Bridge no jumpers today, we parked up and wandered through the little rooms in the cask to find where we were having our meet the little side which was very quiet
We were a small gathering this time with A party of eight four cakes a baby and a dog we had the new members Jonathan and baby Charlie, Helen and Harry the dog we were all starving as we had all done the park run at Sewerby in the morning and also Harry the dog had run a PB
The cakes were delicious and intoxicating as the theme was beverage Bakes and Cakes, no coffee for me today a lovely glass of rosé wine to go with my cake eating yumm.
OThe room was filled with laughter and chat we were a small group but we made enough noise. I do love cake Club
The afternoon disappeared and it was soon time to divide up the remaining cakes and make my way home, what a lovely time was had by all.
Till next time
Keep baking

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