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Bowled Over With Royalty

For our cake club meeting this month we were at the Alexandra Bowls centre On the north side of Scarborough, it is a bowling complex if you hadn’t guessed where you play bowls by the way.

I had arranged it all with Greg but he had forgotten to tell the people in the cafe but we managed to sort ourselves out as always we have cake that’s all what matters .

Our theme this month was bowled over with royalty hence the bowling alley and the up and coming royal wedding wouldn’t it be funny if Harry jilted at the altar.
We were a lovely group of 10 today with 8 scrummy yummy cakes and one which wasn’t a cake ha ha
You would have a cake menu but unfortunately my husband threw it in the bin
We had lots to discuss at this meeting including the up-and-coming new membership for clandestine K club we had lots to discuss at this meeting including the up-and-coming new membership for clandestine K club which at the moment the vote is still out until the 1st of June who knows what will we decide
The centre was busy with lots of keen eager bowlers and Poor Hayley and Sarah had to queue for ages to get their drinks while we were all tucking into our cakes
We had a good old natter about lots of different subjects Although it is hard to concentrate with a mouthful of cake
It is so funny watching people try and cut their cake with all the decorations on I think I make mine especially hard with the sweets and biscuits everywhere it is a challenge to my fellow cake club members to cut my cake properly
I also love to watch how big or small slice of cake is and how many pieces of cake you can eat in one sitting of the K club it’s a good job Jamie Oliver is not around to collect the sugar tax we would all be skint.
After a good old go at all the cakes it was time to carve up the rest of the cakes and divide amongst our teens I love this party always makes me laugh and my husband is always waiting for me with my 10 when I get home from K club
We had such a laugh this meet we are all such a fun lovely group that get on so well look forward to our next meeting where ever that will be and in the meantime keep baking

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