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Bury-Travel! At East Lancashire Railway and Trackside pub


We were delighted to hold our September event in the activity room at East Lancashire Railway and Trackside Pub. The theme just had to be ‘Travel!’ and what a great venue this proved to be! The cakes reflected memories of holidays and there was a great variety of flavours and decoration. It was fantastic to welcome Sandra to her first event and 4 friendly guests to share in our fun.



We experienced international flavours from Germany, Italy, France, Finland and beyond! Our enthusiastic cake decorator Sue, set the scene with her amazing novelty Coffee and Chocolate Suitcase. The coffee flavour was lovely and I suspect a few members may feel inspired to attempt a novelty cake in the future!

Other beautifully presented cakes included Sandra’s spectacular Blackforest cake which incorporated a local German speciality liqueur which Sandra was kind enoughto tell us about (and share with us!).


Liz’s very pretty Lemon Limoncello cake, tasted as good as it looked. It’s bright and sunny appearance reflected the weather outside on this early autumn afternoon.

Another zing of lemon was from Lynn’s French Grandmother’s Lemon Yoghurt Travel cake which was beautifully moist and tasty. It was interesting to hear how jars were used for measuring ingredients and how the moistness of the cake made it good for taking on journeys.


We enjoyed the delicious taste of authentic greek honey in Diane’s Greek Style Honey and Pistachio cake and the addition of a spoonful of natural greek yoghurt added another dimension. The classic flavour combinations in the Tiramisu cake from Adele got lots of appreciation; it was super light and fresh.


Christine treated us to a Paul Hollywood experience with her Finnish Skyr Sponge cake from Helsinki! It had the delicious addition of lime marmalade and a vegetarian piped topping which looked and tasted lovely.

Finally, ‘Retro’ Sticky upside-down banana cake hinted at the history that surrounded us. The 70s inspired cake, served with cream was made by Helen and added a tropical flavour to the proceedings.

We would all like to thank our hosts, The East Lancashire Railway and Trackside Pub, for supporting our club and providing us with such a pleasant environment to meet. What a busy and popular place it is! The noise of the trains and bustling atmosphere were an added bonus!


It is clear that there are a few ‘bake off’ fans in our group and this is likely to be reflected in our next theme. Thanks for the wonderful company and tasty cakes everyone! Keeeeeep Baking!

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