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Cake & more cake at the lovely Lovecrumbs .

I was so excited about sharing the lovely Lovecrumbs with you.  A gorgeous, quirky coffee shop, serving the most wonderful cake.  A few scones, and brownies, but mostly wonderful cake.  It seemed to share in the ethos of our lovely club.  Whole cakes, baked fresh each morning, sliced as and when they were ordered.  No breakfast / brunch menu full of smashed avocado, sourdough and granola.  No lunch menu of salads and soups.  Just cake.  A small, but perfectly formed, selection of cakes.

{ photo credit:  Anja Wolf }

Lovecrumbs sits on West Port in Edinburgh, and was top of my ” to visit ” list during my short holiday there earlier this year.  Originally starting life as a bakery in Leith, the shop opened in 2012, serving coffee & cake to the lucky people of Edinburgh.  The cake menu changes each day so you never quite know what cake flavours will be on offer.  And that also means you could probably pop in each day, every day, and not need to have the same cake twice.  Don’t tell me that’s not what you’re all thinking!

The shop itself is a quirky mix of shabby chic & industrial charm, with a pared back decorating style that lets the cakes shine out.  The cakes themselves are displayed in an oh-so-charming drapers cabinet and on vintage cake stands in the window, where they call to all the passers-by, whispering softly, “Eat me.  Eat me “.  So we did.  Fortunately my sister and her significant other were on hand to keep me company in this cake eating adventure.  Even though I hadn’t really considered this before hand, it turned out to be good planning on our parts, as we each ordered a different flavour, and, bonus, got to try each others.

Clockwise, from the top, we ordered; Chocolate & Coconut Cake, Salted Caramel Cake, and Raspberry & Rose Cake.  All had beautifully light sponges, and were filled and topped with the ubiquitous Lovecrumbs frosted swirl.  All were delicious in their own ways.  The Chocolate Coconut wasn’t too sweet, having a lovely rich taste of cocoa, with the natural sweetness of coconut.  The Salted Caramel hit the right balance of salty and sweet.  And my choice of the Raspberry & Rose.  Just lovely, filled with homemade raspberry jam, and prettily topped with dried raspberries and rose petals.  Almost too pretty to eat.  Almost, but not quite.

Tea is from Anteaques, a local Edinburgh TeaHouse, and is served in a pot, accompanied by a flask of hot water to top up the pot.  Coffee is from Steampunk, a local coffee roasters, and hot chocolate, in many tempting and intriguing flavours, is from another local company, Coco Chocolatier.  I was so tempted by the hot chocolate with cardamom and cinnamon.

” And what’s that cake? “,  I hear you ask.  Well, one visit wasn’t quite enough, and as we were in Edinburgh for two days, there was time for one more visit.  This time a slice of chocolate cake was calling to me.  It also happens to be vegan, and also happens to be equally lovely.  Rich and not too sweet, with a scattering of cacao nibs, and the perfect accompaniment to a lovely Latte.

{ photo credit:  Graeme Pow via Flickr }

Now I feel at this point, I need to add a small disclaimer into the post.  One of the reasons I was so keen to write a review on Lovecrumbs was because of it’s USP of selling one thing and selling that one thing really, really, really well.  So it was with a little disappointment and sadness that I spotted on Facebook they had branched out into brunches and lunches.  Unfortunately it seems that Rachel and Holly, the founders, have gone their separate ways, and so although Lovecrumbs continues, it’s not quite the same place I visited back in June.  That said, I’m sure that it’s convivial and warm atmosphere remains, and as they write on their website, ” . . . We’ll be keeping our Sweet Susan’s satisfied . . . ” with guest bakers from around Edinburgh contributing to the daily cake selection.  In the meantime, I’m off to buy raspberries and rose petals to try and recreate that rather lovely cake.

You can find Lovecrumbs at 155 WestPort in Edinburgh, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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