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The theme for September is "Surprise Cakes". So the idea is that your cake is different on the outside to what it is on the inside and there's a surprise when it's cut open. It could be that your cake is chocolate on the outside and you open it up and it's a rainbow cake, or you have one flavoured icing, and a different flavoured cake, or your cake has a design or pattern when it's cut open or even a Pinata cake with sweets hidden inside - totally up to you!

Additional info

The venue is in the South Beds area and there is a car park at the venue. Tea, coffee and soft drinks can be purchased - so don't forget to bring some extra change!!

There are 10 - 15 spaces at this event: Please make sure you email me to book a place, or book your place online here. Don't forget to fill in the details of the cake you are making.

Just confirming on the South Bedfordshire forum won't confirm you a place!

If you would like to bring a guest with you please include their name when booking a place :) Also, it would be great if you could bring a cake knife with you and your recipes, so we can all swap the ones we like!

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2 of 15 places left

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Lindsey Nairn

Event organiser

Who's Going?

  • Profile photo of Helen Webb
    Helen Webb
    Can't tell you, it's a surprise!
  • Profile photo of KellyL
    Can't say either but might just be feeling fruity!! ;-)
  • Profile photo of Lindsey Nairn
    Lindsey Nairn
    No idea yet!
  • Profile photo of Helen C
    Helen C
    Wait and see!
  • Profile photo of Margot Best
    Margot Best
    Surprise sponge - there might or might not be meringue involved!
  • Profile photo of Heidi
  • Profile photo of Lisa
    Not telling!
  • Profile photo of Drea
    It's a surprise?!
  • Profile photo of Charly Robson
    Charly Robson
    It's a surprise!
  • Profile photo of Debbie
    Don't be nosey!
  • Profile photo of Lue
    A surprise, of course!
  • Profile photo of heather mcjannet
    heather mcjannet
    secret cake
  • Profile photo of Claire
    It will be a surprise to me too!

Points to remember

  • Each cake must be large enough to slice into around 8 - 12 good slices.
  • Sorry, but no cupcakes, muffins, brownies, cookies, pies or tarts.
  • Anyone can join in. It's not a competition, no judging, just a lot of fun. And you get to take cake home.
  • A baker can bring a guest, but you must indicate this at the time of booking.
  • A cake loving guest does not have to bring a cake. They get to eat cake and can take cake home too.
  • Full location details will be sent via Private Message to those who have Booked a Place
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