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Vienna is on a roll

  • 21st district of Vienna

We're on a roll, Vienna! This month, please bake a Swiss Roll (also known as Jelly Roll, Cream Roll and Roulade).

The origin of Swiss Roll is not Switzerland, but its beginning is still a mystery; some think it is an old English recipe, some think it is possibly inspired from the Austrians, and Historians believe it was invented around the 19th century.

A Swiss Roll is a light sponge cake with a filling such as jam, cream, or lemon curd. It is rolled into a log shape, and has a spiral pattern when sliced. Whatever its origin, it is yummy and it is something I haven't made since I was 11.

We try to have no two cakes the same so if you have something in mind, sign up and put down your choice as soon as possible so someone else doesn't beat you to your choice!

Additional info

The apartment is on the second floor and there is no lift.

A medium-sized dog lives here.

There is parking nearby and a parkschein is not needed.

Tea and coffee will be available.


Event organiser

Who's Going?

  • Profile photo of Pilvi
    White chocolate roll
  • Profile photo of Emma
    Bailey’s Chocolate Roll
  • Profile photo of Andy Fogel
    Andy Fogel
    Chocolate Mint Roll
  • Profile photo of Rachel Wright
    Rachel Wright
    Lemon roll
  • Profile photo of Casandra
    Pumpkin roll (or maybe strawberry shortcake)...tbd
  • Profile photo of Katherine
    Black forest roll (chocolate and cherry)
  • Profile photo of Fij Tschij
    Fij Tschij

Points to remember

  • Each cake must be large enough to slice into around 8 - 12 good slices.
  • Sorry, but no cupcakes, muffins, brownies, cookies, pies or tarts.
  • Anyone can join in. It's not a competition, no judging, just a lot of fun. And you get to take cake home.
  • A baker can bring a guest, but you must indicate this at the time of booking.
  • A cake loving guest does not have to bring a cake. They get to eat cake and can take cake home too.
  • Full location details will be sent via Private Message to those who have Booked a Place
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