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Clandestine Cake Club – Portugal

On the 10th of June is the National Day of Portugal, so the theme for our “Everything goes” was, obviously, “Portuguese Traditional Desserts”. This was our 4th meeting on Clandestine Cake Club in Portugal and is was really fun.
Our venue was superb and the weather was wonderful during the afternoon!
The meeting was held in Sophia Fox Cake Art Studio, a Portuguese and Internationally awarded cake designer, which owns a studio by the water side, in Seixal. The location is very pleasant and so was the meeting.
We had 5 enrollments, but only 3 persons managed to get to the meeting: Sophia, Marta and I.
The desserts we brought for our little tea party were “tarte de amêndoa”, “torta de Azeitão”, “brisas do Liz” and “arroz doce”. These are delicious traditional desserts in Portugal, although we have so many more!
It was a delightful afternoon of cake talk and exchange of ideas and recipes! I cannot wait for the next meeting! Who will join us? Where shall we go next time? Summer time is here!
The table ready for tea…
Torta de Azeitão…! By Marta!
It was delicious!
Tarte de Amêndoa. Marta is a fantastic baker! This was incredible!
I did my mum’s rice pudding. Arroz Doce.
Sophia did Brisas do Liz, which were wonderful and had this amazing rich flavor… Delicious!
I could not stop eating this pie. I begged Marta for the recipe!
So, here we are, Marta, Sophia and me 🙂
Marta is the tall girl in the back 🙂 Sophia is seating on the table and I am the small one with the glasses 🙂
How about this for a view? Yeah!
All the best,

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