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Cook Books and food book 2018 and 2019

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I was inspired by the BBC Radio 4 Food program.

A few weeks ago I ordered several cook/food books, some of which were recommended on the BBC Radio 4 food program. The panel spoke so passionately about them, I was inspired to order them. Some on my list to read were recommended in magazines, and Lavender and Lovage were a gift.

My mission was to read a new book each week and to make something from them. But as luck would have hit, family sickness followed by Christmas got in the way. But I’m back on track and have almost finished ‘The Missing Ingredient’ by Jenny Linford, which is what I’m currently reading.

To keep track of all my books and recipes, I’ve bought myself a planner ‘Perfectly Planned 2019’ in fact I have two of these beautiful planners. The other I keep for planning content and goals that I want to achieve for this website and the new journey that I’m travelling as Clandestine Cake – a personal blog.

In no particular order – My Cook Book/Food Book List;

Currently reading

The Missing Ingredient – Jenny Linford. Regardless of your knowledge about food, you will find something in this book that you didn’t know. I’ve not quite finished reading it, but I now have a greater respect as to how important time is during the processing and cooking of food. The maturity of cheeses. The importance of a little browning/caramelisation that some people might class as burnt. Think Umami and flavour. All have their place somewhere, somehow in food. The book is in sections from Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days and so on to Years. In an age when people are wanting fast food, sometimes it’s good to add a little time to the list on ingredients. The result might just surprise you.

Recently Read

The Nordic Baking Book – Another favourite that I’ve read recently. I did an in-depth review of it here. 

Lavender and Lovage – Karen Burns-Booth. I’ve been following Karen’s travels and blog for some time. This new book by Karen is a journey of her ‘Food and Travels from home and abroad’. I love this kind of book that has a life story intertwined with good home recipes. Check out my review  here. 

An area of the world that I know very little about, but this travelogue, of the area around Black Sea, is inspirational and a pleasure to read. Chapters about the country interspersed with the occasional recipe makes this a wonderful food book to have. The cover compels you to read more. You are in for a joyful journey of food and travel stories around the Black Sea.

On my book shelf waiting to be read.

The remaining cook books will soon be read over the coming weeks. Idea love to hear what cook books are on your list to read. Please leave a comment below and let me know.

Happy Reading.


  1. First, Catch is one of my favourite cookery books EVER. So I am very curious how you will find it. It’s a radically different recipe book to one I have ever read. It’s much more like How to Eat (Nigella) or like Outlaw Cook (John Thorne). In essence it’s a recipe book with a narrative. Or even a narrative with recipes thrown in! Do let me know what you think of it. You might even not like it!

    • Lynn Hill - Clandestine Cake

      Hi Paul. I know exactly what you mean and I like this kind of cook book. Or perhaps it’s a food book. As you say, a recipe book with a narrative. I’m just at the beginning of this book and I do like it so far.

  2. Katya Launder

    I like the sound of the Nordic baking book (cinnamon & cardamom all the way).
    When you run out of books, a few years ago I read “Deep France: A Writer’s Year in La France Profonde” by Celia Brayfield which has some great sounding recipes scattered throughout (not managed to try any yet though)

    • Lynn Hill - Clandestine Cake

      I love this book. It’s quite a thick book, but the author took 6 years to research and write it. I loved reading some of the history behind many of the recipes.

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