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A cosy kitchen in South Leeds

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We’d made full use of our old kitchen for the past 25 years, to the point at which the backs of cupboards were warping to such an extent that things were getting lost behind shelves. Doors were beginning to fall off and handles were cracked and ready to break.

It was time for something new and modern.

Name: Lynn

Location: Leeds Yorkshire

Year built: House 1920’s. Kitchen June 2016

Size: approx 100 square feet

Kitchen fitted by: Nest Kitchens

Appliances AEG

This is my favourite relaxing part of the kitchen. A counter top, with a multitude of functions from a baking worktop/work area and with a view out into the garden we can sit and have lunch or work at my laptop as we gaze out onto the garden with a myriad of birds and cats feeding and playing all year round.  It can be quite a distraction, but I can’t think of a better view from the house.

We have plenty of storage space under the counter tops. The top drawers are for cutlery while the deeper drawers have plenty of room for all our pots and pans along with all my baking utensils from cookie cutters to aprons and tea towels. The cupboards above and below the oven are used as a pantry/food storage. With the oven so well insulated, even chocolate keeps reasonably intact. All cupboards and drawers are soft closing, which means no more door spamming.

I was persuaded to have an induction hob which we very quickly got used to. Sadly we had to dispose of about 9 (non induction) pans to the charity shop. Induction heat is so quick I doubt I would ever want to go back to conventional heat. In the years I’ve been cooking I’ve used Gas and Electric.

My plan was to have the new cupboards fitted almost to the ceiling, but one thing I hadn’t anticipated was the fact that I cannot reach the top shelf without the use of some step ladders. This means the things we use the most need to be on the lower shelves.

I was adamant that I wanted shelving space under the cupboards, this enables to you keep the worktops free from clutter that can easily accumulate, especially if you want to keep handy all the things you use on a daily basis.

The quartz worktop is a dream when it comes to pastry making, however the downside to this sort of work surface is the noise. It doesn’t cushion the the sound when you place anything down on the surface. It’s something we are gradually getting used to. So far we haven’t broken anything.

We love the clean lines and finish, making it an easy kitchen to keep clean.


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