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Polenta, Almond and Citrus Bars

If you were to ask me what’s my favourite cake of the moment I would tell you that it’s the Polenta, Almond and Citrus (Bars) cake that I made over the weekend. You will find the recipe in the new book ‘Delicious Gifts’ by Rob and Amber Kirby. A copy of which I received from Bloomsbury Publishers to review. Read on for a chance to win a copy.

As with all bakes, taste is important, and with this cake, the Polenta is a game changer for me as it adds a whole new dimension to texture. I encourage you to have a go with this recipe and not deviate one iota from any of the  list of ingreidients. Certainly do not replace any of the citrus flavours with artificial ones. Stick to the list and I guarantee your tastebuds will be in heaven.

With no indication of exactly how much juice was needed to make the glaze, I had plenty left over and in my self indulgence, I mopped up the excess glaze as a dipping/pouring sauce at tea time.

Jammy Hearts

While I was in baking mode and with our son over for the weekend, I made these Jammy Hearts. Also from Delicious Gifts. The dough was very crumbly which reminded me of my school days, learning how to bake, when we pulled together biscuit dough and pastry dough with just the warmth of our hands. It’s essential that you leave it in the fridge for a while, as the recipe says, to help make it easier to roll out later. After bringing it back to room temperature, I rolled my dough between two sheets of cling film to help keep it all together. I only managed to make 10 Hearts, 5 full biscuits + some mini ones, but this was more down to my oversized heart shaped cutters than the amount of pastry. Although I do think the thickness of 1cm for each biscuit could be thinned out a little, but not too much or the biscuits could break when baked. They were delicious.

You’ve heard of the film, ‘Gone in 60 seconds’, it was the same with these biscuits. As soon as I filled them with jam, they were gone. Note to sell, make more next time.

The following description from Bloomsbury says it all. I’ve already earmarked the Homemade Christmas Spirit Mincemeat to make in a few months to mature in time for the festive season. And because we eat a lot of pasta in our house, I quite fancy making the Chunky Bean and Pea Pesto next weekend. I’ve just spotted a  recipe for Hazelnut Spread. Something I’ve been looking for, for ages. No Palm Oil or vegetable oil in sight for this recipe.

‘Delicious Gifts celebrates the best, beautifully styled, handcrafted food gifts for all occasions, direct from Rob and Amber Kirby’s family kitchen. Eighty delightful recipes are accompanied by stunning photography from Jodi Hinds, along with inspiration, guidance and ideas for how best to wrap and package these thoughtful gifts.’

Delicious gifts by Rob and Amber Kirby [Absolute Press, £18.99] is available now.
Photography copyright Jodi Hinds

This is not a sponsored post, but does contain an Amazon Affiliate link to the book. Many thanks to Bloomsbury Books and to Rob and Amber Kirby for my copy of the book.

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