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GBBO. An Extra Slice. Chance to be on the show

The Great British Bake Off will be back soon & so will its sister show, An Extra Slice!

As ever, host Jo Brand will be joined by a panel of celebrity guests eager to chew over the latest Bake Off happenings, plus there’ll be an interview with the baker who leaves the tent each week.

As with previous series, we’d love our audience to bring their home bakes to the studio and potentially have them discussed and tasted on the show.

Use your imaginations when thinking about what you might bring along – it could be emulating the theme of that week’s Bake Off, using usual ingredients or being creative with your design – the more inventive your bake, the more likely we are to feature it on the show!

If you’re interested in taking part, please get in contact to register your interest and do spread the word amongst your baking friends too!


Please email:




to register your interest for the show.


Please note:

If your email bounces back as an invalid address. Double check that there are no typos.


    • Lynn Hill - CCC Founder

      Hi Helen. It is correct. It’s the one I’ve been using. Check that you are typing it in correctly as some people are either missing off the (dot) after Sean or the (‘) after O in O’Hanlon.


      What does to error message say when it bounces back or say the email is incorrect? Or more importantly, what is the actual email address that it bounces back from. This will then show whether you have typed it in correctly. You could forward it to me to look at

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