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Giveaway – 1 x Pair of tickets to Cake International

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Cake International


Chance to win


NEC Birmingham

Friday 1st November – Sunday 3rd November 2019

Winner must pick which day they’d like to attend

Giveaway is closed.

The winner is Jo Greening.

Some of the features you’ll find at this year’s show include;

You’ll find more information over at the Cake International website.

For a chance to win a pair of tickets to Cake International.

Please leave a comment below, telling us who you would take with you to the show.


  • Competition closes on 17th October 2019
  • One winner will be randomly selected and contacted on 18th October 2019 via email
  • Winner will have 7 days to respond to my email or the prize will be offered to someone else.
  • Prize is x2 tickets for Cake International to x1 winner
  • Prize does not include transport to the show
  • Prize is non-transferrable
  • No cash alternative
  • Closing date 17th October
  • Multiple entries will not be accepted


  1. I would take my sister. We both love baking. It would be a nice sister bonding day. I have wanted to go to the cake show for a few years but never get the chance. Fingers crossed

  2. I would take my best friend at uni. She loves testing out new bakes with me. We would love to go to the Cake Show.

  3. I would take my sister Kelly. She loves watching extreme cake makers with me and deserves a day out.

  4. I would love to go and see cakes I can only dream about making. Would take my other half so he can carry the bags ?

  5. I will take my best friend, both of us have an interest in cake baking, I have been a member of the clandestine club in Northampton, and bake for the Church an for charity on a regular basis

  6. I’d take my lovely friend Laura who loves to bake but never gets the chance

  7. I would take one of the lovely ladies in my village, we knew each other vaguely but she recently asked if I would like any of baking books or tools that she had inherited from a relative. I am recovering from open knee surgery and so pretty much housebound since July and she was aware of this and the cabin fever it can induce! This was such a lovely act of kindness without her expecting anything back in return. We sat for 2 hours chatting about baking wins and fails, and getting to know each other more. It would be a lovely day for both of us and a great way to say ‘thank you’!

  8. My daughter is so very very special and suffered with mental health issues for a number of years. Now her physical health is poor. I would love to treat her to a specail event. We all know cake bakers are cheery, friendly and supportive people. She has given a lot as she was a nurse but can no longer work. It would be great to give her something back.

  9. My 12 year old grandson would be taking me, he’s so enthusiastic about baking. And it’s half term, so I’ve no excuse!

  10. I would take my amazing daughter to say thankyou for our first beautiful grand daughter recently!

  11. I would love to take my husband who is my right hand man. If I am ever stressed he will pick me up and turn it round. He also has a great deal of patience with the fondant covering. ?

  12. I would take my lovely friend Letti. The chemotherapy she is having at present has ruined her taste buds, but she still wants to go to the show to feed her enthusiasm for when she can get back to baking.

  13. I would take my niece who is 17. She loves to bake and has a talent for it. She has a weekend job at a local cookery school and helps out those younger than her with their baking and cookery skills. She will be going off to university next year, I’ll miss her and this would be a real treat for us to spend time together and for her to keep her interest in baking and to learn some new skills as well.

  14. I would take my husband; he loves to bake and eat. This event would give him further ideas to expand upon his passion.

  15. I would take my husband as he loves to look at all the fantastic cakes!

    Sunday ticket

  16. i would take my kids. they are always keen to help me with my baking and also to try out and taste all the results!

  17. I would take my mum as she’s the one that inspired me to start baking. Event like this are something that we can do for mum and daughter days.

  18. I would take my lovely son, who prompted me to start a cake business, by giving me a wonderful Christmas present a few years ago, of my own website and business cards ,which he had designed and produced so beautifully. He continues with his endless support of social media and design skills.

  19. I would take my sister who is also my partner in our fledgling baking business. This would give us lots of inspiration for future bakes! X

  20. Christine Ashworth

    My husband. He’s my washer upper, my run die to the shop for me to get missing ingredients and my quality control – keeps me on a straight path!

  21. I wouldn’t choose anybody else than my loving husband of 40 years.
    He is always there giving me all his support and encouragement to carry on baking and creating my cakes. He knows that baking is my passion. We have never been in this show. It will be a great opportunity for me to get inspiration for my future cake designs

  22. I would take my other half who is the ‘tester’ for all my baking … he likes the science of baking.

  23. I would take Dr Vicky Fung. We both work in cancer related jobs which we love though we became friends through baking cakes for relaxation. We would love to get more inspiration for our bakes whilst having a well earned rest. We will be doing a bake off for Cavendish Cancer Care in Sheffield.

  24. I would take my mum, she’s the one that inspired me to bake from a very young age and taught me everything she knows, she continues to be my inspiration. It would be wonderful to take her to this show and spend some quality time together and get new ideas for little projects we can work on together.

  25. I would take my beautiful sista friend Daneill. Dee is an incredibly talented baker, whose dreams have been put on hold for so many reasons. I know by going to the NEC she will be inspired and help her develop her techniques. For me it will help me to find tools and solutions to doing what I love. Its hard to cook with just the use of one hand but I really enjoy finding creative solutions and making yummy cakes.

  26. I’ve never been to a cake and bake show, I didn’t know there was one until I read about it on this blog I’d love to go Sunday 3 Nov please. I love baking cakes and I bake for work, cake brightens everyone’s day.

  27. Elizabeth Waddleton

    I would either take my friend deb or charlotte or more likely give my friend the tickets as sadly is my partners birthday, but my friend deb could really do with cheering up

    • Caroline Clifford

      I would take my (ex) sister in law. Even though she and my husbands brother are divorced, we have remained very good friends with baking one of the things we have in common. Next year I’ll be making a special cake for an event that is top secret and I need some inspiration! Good luck everyone! ?

  28. Catherine Fairlamb

    I would take my fiance David… We can look for inspiration for the cake as well as techniques to try

  29. I’d take my now 19 year old god-daughter Izzy who has just started Uni in Chichester and the 1st thing she packed on getting in, was her baking tins & measuring cups. Apparently I kickstarted her love of creating & baking when she was 10 and her father died suddenly. It was something to ‘do’, to be together, not talk, just create something unique & eat with her mum & younger sister. We have a shared love in cake, I prefer to bake, she loves to create in fondant… and then we switch when needed. I haven’t spent much 1 on 1 time, so this would be perfect.

    Sunday ticket

  30. Jacqueline Breaker

    I would take my sister who is a baker as well. She is undergoing chemo at present and it would be something nice for her to look forward to.