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Home bakers. Charge what you are worth.

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Charge what you are worth because you are worth the charge.

I’m a home baker. I’m not a chef. Over the years, I’ve attended a few cookery courses such as Bettys Cookery school in order to enhance my skills.  But I would never refer to myself as ‘just a home baker’. To me, the word ‘just’ belittles the talents and skills that a home baker, such as you and me, have built over our years of baking.

Some time ago, I saw a thread on social media where someone asked what to charge for a cake they were making. Many people chipped in to say what they charge for a similar cake. The price varied from £25 – £55.

While this is all well and good, what struck me was one comment, which said, I only charge for the ingredients, because I’m ‘just a home baker’. I shouted at my laptop saying, stop calling yourself ‘just’ a home baker, you should be charging what you’re worth.

Baby Shower cake
Baby Shower cake

I’m also a home baker and even though I’ve written a couple of cookery books, ( Clandestine Cake Club and A Year of Cake)  I only bake for my family.  You will find some of my recipes here too. I may occasionally go a little OTT when it comes to decorating a cake. Like this baby shower cake that I made for our daughter just before our grandson was born.

As a home baker, you will have honed your skills in a number of ways.

  • Baking for work colleagues. Who doesn’t like to bake something for their fellow workers or team? I used to do it all the time when I worked evenings. It helped build relationships and team bonding. I baked during the day and took my creations to work in the evenings. Usually, they were butterfly cakes and fairy cakes, cookies and brownies. Singular items that could be eaten at a desk while you work.
  • You’ve baked for family and friends over the years and built up a large collection of recipe books and a database of your own recipes.
  • School summer baking sales. Everyone used to contribute from small fruit buns to chocolate fudge cakes. The variety was endless. No matter what baking skills people have, they always bake something to help raise much-needed school funds. It’s quite possible you were one of those bakers.
  • Charity bake sales. Charities rely on home bakers to don their aprons and bake for their cause. Your home baking skills are just the person they need. You do it with pride and rejoice in the fact that all your goods were sold. Who wouldn’t want to buy from you and pay what you are worth? You’re amazing at what you do.
  • I could go on…..

So, with all these skills that you have honed over the years, are you still going to call yourself ‘just’ a home baker? Or are you going to say ‘ I’m a home baker’ and say it with pride. And when someone asks you to bake a cake for them, you are not only going to charge for the ingredients, you are also going to charge what you are worth. Anything less, you belittle and downplay your skills. As you can see from the above, you have honed your skills in so many ways over the years.

Likewise, if you’re not a baker yourself, or don’t have time to bake. When asking someone to bake a cake for you, if they say, ‘I’m just a home baker and will only charge for the ingredients’. Say NO, I want to pay for your time too.

Not cake related, but have a listen to Janet Murray podcast with Sigrun about charging what you are worth. It mostly relates to mastermind groups and how Sigrun scaled up her business and fees. Thus, charging what she is worth. It’s no different to you charging what you are worth when it comes to your baking. Look out for, Why ‘the first sale is to yourself’… at (35 mins:29 secs ) into the show.

Charge what you are worth, because  you are worth the charge.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Helga Smeja

    wow Lynn this is so true! I often hear from possible customers that I charge more than a supermarket chain! OMG, really? I can’t compare or compete to a chain!!! Im bake alone, on my spare time, plan, prepare and delivery by myself, also I buy raw material on a high price as I don’t have volume, so PLEASE STOP asking for me to down price my products! If you not willing to pay for some homemade, fresh and personal…go to the supermarket!
    I get very annoyed with that. People have no idea how much cost to be your own boss and do everything alone. Support small business is the way to go 🙂

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