Want to create a CCC?


If there isn’t a Clandestine Cake Club in your area (you can check existing clubs on this website) why not create one? The format is sweet and simple:

  • Bakers arrive with their cakes and guest. A guest does not have to make a cake.
  • Refreshments are purchased from the host/venue
  • We get stuck in to cake and conversation
  • What a great way to make new friends!

If you need someone to run it with you, check out the Cake Talk Forum, there may be others doing exactly the same as you.

We’ve listed here a host of helpful guidelines (and just a few club rules!) to ensure that a fabulous time is had by all.


Popular venues are:

  • Coffee houses
  • Espresso bars
  • Tea rooms and bakeries
  • Spare corners in restaurants
  • Spare open office space
  • Own homes

Wherever your event is held, you must make the proprietor of the venue aware that members will be bringing their own homemade cakes, i.e. not purchasing food. The benefit to the venue is that members will purchase refreshments and possibly become new regular customers.

Weekends or early evening mid-week are the best times for CCC events. Daytime midweek isn’t as popular due to work and family commitments.

Avoid venues that charge for the room, except perhaps community centres who are raising money for their premises. CCC is all about communities and we want to do our best to help everyone.


A love of baking and the desire to bring people together socially inspired me to create the Clandestine Cake Club and neither I, nor the organisers of CCC events, receive payment for our events. With this in mind there should be no charge to bakers or guests attending your event. If the event is in your home you may cover your costs for refreshments etc, for which I suggest a couple of pounds per person.

  • Please note that it is illegal to sell alcohol without a licence and you cannot get around this by claiming it is free from the charges.
  • You may need to look at having public liability insurance.


  • Many CCC’s began with just a few friends and this is, in fact, the best way to start.
  • We advise that you have no more than thirty to thirty-five people at an event. Any more, and you risk losing the social aspect of cake bakers getting together and making new friends, which is why I created the club in the first place.


  • We will post your event on the CCC website and promote it on social networks. It will help if you can do the same.
  • A week before your event, send Private Messages via the CCC website to people who have booked to attend, reminding them of the date, time, venue location details and that it is (whole)cakes only.
  • Bakers may attend on their own (with a cake!) but can also bring a guest. We are a sociable and friendly group.
  • CCC is all about fun and friendship. There should be no competition or judging of cakes and we encourage bakers of all standards to bring their homemade cakes along. We can’t all be perfect bakers but we can all learn from each other.
  • Having a theme for your event will make it more interesting. Maybe you could dream up a quirky word or phrase to describe your event, such as Cake Cornucopia. Check on our site for ideas and inspiration.
  • The location of any event is only to be revealed to those who book a place, that’s the Clandestine bit about CCC


We have only four firm rules to keep CCC going in the right direction:

  • CCC is a cake club, so no cupcakes, scones, brownies, muffins, pies, tarts or small cakes. If you want to know why, read this. Interaction and Conversation begin when you cut the first slice.
  • All organisers must be registered CCC members and ‘join’ their online group. All attendees, with the exception of those without access to the internet, or not own a PC etc,  should be registered members too.
  • There should be NO separate Facebook pages/groups/blogs or websites relating to Clandestine Cake Club. This helps keep CCC viable by attracting sponsorships and ads making membership free to everyone.
  • Clandestine Cake Club is an IP registered trademark and therefore cannot be replicated without permission.


  • Ensure that there isn’t already a CCC in your area. Might be an idea to contact the organiser of a neighbouring group to ensure you are not stepping on toes.
  • Confirm the town/city/village in which your events will be held e.g.CCC (your town name).
  • Find your venue with a confirmed date and time. Only those with confirmed event details will be posted and a club/group created.
  • Email us with the heading ‘CCC TEMPLATE’.
    • Tell us why you want to set up a CCC in your area
    • Do you have a confirmed venue for you to hold your first event?
    • Where is your nearest club and the mile radius?
    • I will send the themed template for you to complete and return to me
    • On receipt of your completed template I will create your club, add your CCC to my list of events and add you to the list of organisers.
  • Some knowledge of WordPress is essential as you will be adding future events and blog posts yourself.
  • Please allow plenty of time for your event to be posted.
  • All organisers must be registered CCC members.
  • Some of the busiest active clubs are run by people with full-time jobs and other activities.
  • Before getting in touch. Ask yourself this: do I have the time, motivation, enthusiasm, management & networking skills to run a Clandestine Cake Club? If the answer is yes to all of these, then please get in touch.

We’ve tried to cover everything you need to know to get started. If a question or two has popped up please read through again and you may find the answer. Of course, should you still need to contact us please do so, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Ready to go? Get in touch….

Lynn: info@clandestinecakeclub.co.uk

Updated 12/08/2016