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Huddersfield – Infused Cocktail Cakes

Amaretto Sour Cake baked by Jo
Blackberry Gimlet Cake baked by Katie
Fresh Strawberry Victoria Sponge Cake by Tracey
Long Island Iced Tea Cheesecake baked by Kevin
Woo Woo Cake baked by Courtney
Pina Colada Cake baked by Kay
Sangria Brack Cake baked by Alan
Strawberry Rose, Gin and Fizz Cocktail Cake baked by Christopher
Espresso Martini Cake baked by Amy
Mojito Cake baked by Leanne
Group photo with George owner of Artisan Bar Mirfield
Lynette our guest who baked a Gin and Tonic cake sorry no photo of cake
cocktail cakes meet cocktails
Amy trying to hide behind her plate of cake
slices of cake consumed
friends all enjoying cake and cocktails
Artisan Bar

Amy winning this months raffle

we even got into the spirit of things with our floral garlands

Sorry it’s taken some time to post this event from back in April. Where has all the time gone !! This will be our last posting for the Huddersfield Cake events but not the end of Huddersfield Cake Club gatherings. We say a sad farewell to Lynn for inventing this great club of home bakers and wish her and her family well. Without her idea and hard work we as a group and like all over the country would have not found new friendships over a slice of cake and different venues around our towns and cities to help our communities continue. If any of the Huddersfield bakers are still interested and have not got in touch with me yet I am organising a meeting with cake for the month of July.

Back to our event which was all about cocktail infused cakes. Altogether we had 11 cakes, 10 members and 4 guests. Lynette (guest) also baked a Gin and Tonic Cake which was still warm and not long out of the oven.   Well done Lynette. Tracey was busy watching her son running the London Marathon and forgot she had put her cake in the oven, Whoops! Matthew’s marathon was a success unfortunately Tracey’s cake found it’s way to the bin. But Tracey did bake a quick Victoria sponge for the event. We welcomed two new members to join us, Leanne baked a Mojito Cake which was delicious and Christopher who is a member of other cake clubs in the area of Leeds joined us baking a Strawberry, Rose, Gin and Fizz Cocktail cake also a great tasty bake. I hope you both had a great time and will come and join us again. Once again bakers all bakers did themselves proud with the different flavours and ideas. All the cakes were scrumptious as always. Cocktails eaten over the evening, plus a few liquid refreshments from the bar were consumed kept us all very vocal and chatty with one another. Lots of fruit based cakes with various alcohol especially in Kevin’s bake which was a long island tea cheesecake I’ve lost count on how many different shots of alcohol make up this drink. We had cocktail cakes I’d never even heard of such as a Woo Woo Cake baked by Courtney. Photos of all the cakes will be seen at the end of the write up.  Amy was our successful winner this month, another recipe book with lots of ideas was the prize. Congratulations Amy.

Cake club this month was held at the Artisan Wine and Cocktail Bar a new venture for Mirfield. Just a little on the boundary line of Huddersfield. Only opened last summer. We visited them on a Tuesday evening so all was pretty quiet until we arrived. I had booked the event with one of the staff before hand but on the night the owner George was working and had a pleasant surprise when he found out about cake club and was handed slices of cake to sample. We all had a great time it certainly does lots of cocktails and plenty of wine choices. Also a small menu for light meals check out the website for more details. We have been invited back which is always a good sign for me keep noted if we should ever get stuck for venues.

Until our next event here are few photos of the event back in April. I hope that you can join us in July for another get together over cake and a brew or two for another catch up with our monthly social chat with friends.

Keep baking

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