Icing on the Cake with Nigel Slater


Group shot with Nigel Slater

Nigel Slater ‘Icing on the Cake’


9pm 27th November 2014

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Earlier this year, April to be precise, I received THE most exciting email ever:

Dear Lynn,
…………………………………… we are currently in production of ‘Nigel Slater’s Icing On The Cake’, a one-off BBC4 factual documentary regarding the wonderful British cake. It follows on from the success of ‘Nigel Slater’s Life is Sweets’ and ‘Nigel Slater and the Great British Biscuit’.

I’m contacting you today because I came across your Clandestine Cake Club and we love the idea of featuring yourself and one of your club’s in the documentary.

I was wondering if this might be of interest to you ………………………….. Signed Michael at DogHouse Media

You can imagine my reply. Check out the Gallery of pictures before reading on, sometimes pictures convey more than words can…….


What followed was a series of emails and phone calls to Michael, the assistant producer, followed by even more emails and phone calls searching for enthusiastic CCC members willing to take part.

The filming was late in the afternoon on April 23rd at ‘Just Grand’ Tearoom in the Grand Arcade Leeds. I was worried that people may not be able to get the day off work, but they did. Some were giving obscure reasons for the sudden day off. You don’t get many chances like this to extend your baking passion and meet Nigel Slater in the process, you can imagine the excitement at the other end of the phone when I explained to people what my urgent call was about. Some members I couldn’t reach straight away and I had to resort to email and wait for them to reply. Within 24 hours we were sorted and I had members travelling from Cambridge and over the pennines. We had to keep quiet about it, which is not difficult as we have been clandestine for nearly 4 years and know how to keep secrets. We even had secret codes on twitter to keep in contact with each other.

We all agreed that it was the best fun ever, quite a different cakey gathering you might say. It may have taken well over 2 hours of filming, but Nigel was engaging, charming, warm, friendly and wonderful to talk to. He spoke to every CCC member asking them about their cakes and was gracious enough to sign copies of all his books that we brought in.


As an honorary member, Nigel brought his own cake for the occasion, a Passion Fruit drizzle cake and we all agreed that it was delicious. Not a crumb was left.


P1010820 Thank you Nigel and the crew of Dog House Media, not only had this event been the icing on the cake, but it had a cherry on top too.


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