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If I was a working girl, I’d be adding this experience to my CV,  ‘Excellent organiser of covert events at short notice’

An email arrived last Friday from the very nice people of The One show. Then a phone call early this Monday afternoon asking me to organise an event in Leeds for the Wednesday. By 4pm that day the deed was almost done. The most difficult task as I saw it was getting a venue. My son suggested The Food Academy above Flannels in the centre of Leeds. We’d already been there for a delicious brunch after reading a review by Katie Bolton of Leeds Grub. This was the perfect place, but would they accommodate us at such short notice. I called them immediately and the lady on the other end of the phone listened to my plight, she was still listening after what must have been minutes of explanation. Then came the words, ‘I’ll get Amanda, the manager, to call you back’ and within moments that phone call arrived. To my relief and delight Amanda said she and her staff would be delighted to accommodate this very special ‘The One Show’ CCC event with a covert theme called ‘once in a Lifetime’

I put Amanda and the The One Show people in touch with each other to sort things out. All I had to do was find the bakers and some guests. But who would be free at such short notice. I emailed a couple of cakey people and they happily obliged, then I uploaded the event details – not given any clues as to what the theme referred to, and suddenly people wanted to come. We were very limited to just 10 in total, but we managed to do it. We had 8 cakes in total and they were magnificent.

I won’t spoil the details about the filming, but I can tell you that it was a full day of it at a couple of locations even in the streets of Leeds. You could say that the main character of the filming is Mike Wallis. I think the story line is based around him, but we’ll have to see the show to be sure. They tell me it’s going to be on Friday 24th February. I’ve never seen myself on tv and I’m not too sure I’m looking forward to it, but it was such fun.

I am so grateful to those that booked a day off, moved meetings, ran out of their office the moment their day had ended for the afternoon, left children with grandmas and more. Their dedication to cake was truly heroic.

After the first stage of filming was complete,Dan the producer drove us into Leeds followed by the camera man Jamie.  We managed to find a suitable parking nearby and after several minutes buying a ticket we were ready to make the short walk to the Food Academy. However, depending on your likes and dislikes for birds I felt a cold plop on my hand. I looked down to discover, you’ve guessed it, Bird Poo. 3 ins in the wrong direction and it would have landed on my cake. Now some would think it lucky, so I cleaned myself down and thought no more about it, until I received an email from the National Lottery people to say that my winnings from the previous days draw would be paid into my account shortly. The fact that I am telling you this means that the amount is small, yet I like to think that the bird poo had something to do with it. So next time a bird poo’s on you, I’d say it’s definately lucky.

I digress.

Amanda and her team at The Food Academy were wonderful and friendly. We had a splendid lunch which I can fully recommend and to my delight Matt Allwright from The One Show arrived straight from London on the train. After lunch Matt, Dan, Jamie and Mike hit the streets to do yet more filming. I was left to take in all the excitement of the day so far, where I knew there was more to come that afternoon – the arrival of the cakes and bakers.

Amanda and her team set up the tables for us with crockery and cutlery worthy of fine dining. They really were looking after us. An interview with Matt and I was filmed next and gradually the bakers and cakes arrived. We had plenty of space to move around and Dan, Jamie and Matt worked so hard at making this such a fun day for us. I know they enjoyed it as well. They even got to eat cake and take cake home with them.

Matt Allwright made the interview so relaxing and funny, I even got to hear his Cake joke.  With a reference to Tinker, Taylor, Solder, Pie, we all ended up in a few fits of laughter. It’s one of those situations where you had to be there to understand why. Perhaps they’ll keep that bit in and not send it to the cutting room floor. If it does it’s worthy of an out-take. So back to the cakes and bakers. I’ll let the pictures do the talking for me.

Many thanks to my wonderful cakey friends

  • Mike Wallis
  • Lisa Gair  and her guest
  • Georgiana Fleur
  • Gary Morton
  • Helen Jones
  • Charlotte Black
  • Helen Charlton
  • Jini Mulukutla
  • Steph Lloyd
  • Everyone at The Food Academy – Would love to come back with more cakey bakers another time
  • The One Show Team – Dan, Jamie and or course Matt Allwright whilst not forgetting Amy at the other end of the Phone, who’s last phone call of the day to me late on Tuesday was, “Lynn I’ve been asked to call you to see if you can make a cake in the shape of the UK”.  I dug deep and said ‘No’.
  • Here is the link to the Leeds feature on You Tube



  1. Helen Charlton

    What a lovely afternoon spent with likeminded, cake-obsessed ladies and gents! Can’t wait to do it again, thanks so much for the opportunity 🙂

  2. wow two of my favourite things … cakes and getting Leeds on the telly well done:) Although i am not a cake baker i am a cake consumer and would love to know peoples’ favourite spots to stop for cake and coffee in Leeds, although the art gallary cafe is superb I fancy a change ..

  3. Peeps, the cakes look splendiferous, stunning example of how cakey people should really be running the country! We never flap, can swing into action at the shortest notice, have a fine sense of community and how working together we can do most things and we look good on TV (and so do our cakes). Gwynx

  4. I feel very privileged to have been there…thanks for a fabulous day.

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