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Leicester CCC – Anything Goes!

It was that time of year again for the Leicester’s CCC, with our July meet serving as our annual ‘Anything Goes!’ theme, and the variety of bakes we had along really took full advantage of our creative freedom!

We had hoped to have an al Fresco picnic based venue for this month’s meet, but the weather forecast was looking less than hopeful with 48 hours to go, so we thankfully managed to secure Cafe Mbriki in ‘The Lanes’ area of the city centre as a last minute, indoor, alternative!  And very accommodating they were too, definitely planning a return visit sometime soon!

Our bakes for this event split into two distinct camps-sweet and savoury.  First up in the savoury corner was first time Cake clubber Hema, with a (literally) straight out of the oven sausage plait-featuring homemade sausage meat-a great opener to our feast….

Next up for Team Savoury was Shenila, with her Beer bread, complete with jalapeño kick-you could really taste the hops in this corn bread style bake-another great savoury departure from the usual cake offerings….

I had a foot in both camps with my scone selection-cheese scones with a chive butter for starters then choc chip flavour with clotted cream (naturally) for pud….

Pastry made another appearance, this time in a fruity based sweet form, in the shape of Louise’s fruit turnovers-apple, peach and rhubarb all featured within the fruit fillings, along with cleverly devised star and sprinkle decorations to help tell which was which….

An enriched bread based bake also made an appearance, in the form of Millie’s (also still warm) date filled glazed spiral loaf….

And finally, it wouldn’t be cake club without an actual cake, so thankfully another first time cake clubber, Dimple, brought along a lemon and blueberry cake with crumble topping, to finish off the sweet contingent…

So, despite the lack of outdoor dining, it was a lovely afternoon of varied, non cake sampling! As ever, it was also great to welcome along our two new members to the group, hope to see them at another event sometime soon!

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