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Loire Valley – European Cakes

For our very last meeting of Loire Valley CCC the theme was European Cakes.

Liz made a lemon drizzle Bundt cake because that’s what turned up first when she looked on the internet for a European cake.

Pauline made a Dundee cake, because Scotland is in Europe.

Susan made a lemon, elderflower and coconut roll because the tradition of using elderflowers in cake seems to be a very European thing.

Jackie made a lemon Madeira cake with home made lemon curd, because Madeira is in Europe.

Newcomer Maureen made a very English malt loaf.

Edna made a Polish apple cake.

The other Maureen made an Irish apple cake.

Nick made a Spanish almond cake.

Jean made a black forest Victoria sponge.

So that was it.  And that was that.  Our very last meeting over and the end of an era.  After drinking a toast to Lynn Hill and the CCC, the last one out remembered to shut the door and turn out the lights.  But as my mum always used to say, as one door closes, another door opens and the Loire Valley bakers are not ready yet to hang up their aprons.  The Loire Valley Cake and Bake Club was born.

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