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Filming for the Lorraine Show at Le Chalet Leeds

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Filming for the Lorraine Show was a lot of fun.

On rare occasions I receive an email asking if a TV crew can come and film at a CCC event. On this occasion an event was already planned for Leeds. All I needed to do was ask Duanne, the Leeds CCC organiser, if I could bring a few extra guests with me.

The filming is part of a baking feature and new baking contest promoted on the Lorraine Show over the next 2 weeks. More details can be found on the Lorraine website.

With permission received from the attendees, and a few people offering to talk on camera, we had a great time. Granted, not the usual type of CCC event, where you have a camera and sound listening to conversations and filming you eating and chatting. But these TV appearances are vital in spreading the cake love. Many members, upon registering with CCC, tell me that they first heard about the club on their TV. So you can see how the love of cake can spread.

Nermine, the owner of Le Chalet in Leeds, very kindly allowed members, plus TV crew to spend a very pleasant few hours together eating cake and drinking tea and coffee. Nermine and her staff did a great job while still serving regular customers too.

I’ll leave you with a gallery of pictures taken on the day.

The final cut ( due to be aired on 12th February from 8:30am) may only be a moment or two, but there was nearly 3 hours of filming. I like to think that those who came had a great time, and saw an insight into what exactly goes on when features are made for TV. Lots of retakes, standing and waiting. Trying to sound natural, wondering if you have said too much or not enough and remembering not to say anything I should’t while a mic is still attached to me. And definitely remembering to take the mic off before you go to the lavatory!!


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