Lynn’s Clandestine Trip to Squires Kitchen

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Squires Kitchen

Some weeks ago I received an invitation from Beverley Dutton, founder of Squires Kitchen a lovely lady I hasten to add, secretly informing me that CCC ~ Farnham had booked her cookery school as a venue for their 10th March event and would I like to pop down and surprise them. I said yes. So along with Vanessa also of Squires Kitchen, Beverley and myself, we kept it our little secret until I walked through the door to surprise everyone.

Thankfully it wasn’t too much of a shock but a very pleasant surprise indeed. Katherine, organiser of CCC Fleet, Farnham and Farnborough,made me feel very welcome and I hope she forgives me for not giving her a heads up.

The attendees made me feel so welcome too and the cakes they made and brought were beautiful. I managed 3 slices, the sugar rush these days sends me into a state of enlightenment where the inevitable crash soon follows.

I had always had a desire to visit Squires Kitchen, but being so far from Leeds, it’s at least a 5 hour journey on 2 trains and 2 London underground trips. But the journey was worth it and as you can see it’s just a road crossing away from Farnham station where I took the picture from the bridge crossing the track.

Squires Kitchen is an Aladdin’s cave of everything you need for cake making and cake decorating. If I lived in Farnham, I would be there almost every day. They have a wonderful museum at the back of the shop, with the most interesting collection of copper cake and Jelly moulds, a 90 year old top tier of a weeding cake, still with all the icing and decorations. Vintage and antique cutters, ice-cream makers, I could go on. You really do need to pay it a visit. The shop is beautifully lit and decorated in keeping with the Squires brand and very welcoming. The shop stayed open especially for us so that we could browse and stock up with essential items.

I was given a personal tour of the museum, Cookery School and Squires Kitchen HQ by Beverley.  A lady I first met at the Cake and Bake Show in London 2013, a woman I have come to admire and who’s every word I hang on when it comes to business ideas.

CCC Farnham Selfie

Back to the cakes and members. We had a great time and I think I managed to speak to all the attendees. We took the 2nd of my CCC Selfies, which I hope many other clubs will follow. They are fun to do and create some very funny looking faces. I couldn’t take any cake home, due to my overnight stay in Farnham at a lovely boutique Hotel with rather interesting decor.  They made me the best poached eggs for breakfast that I’m sure Alex Polizzi would approve of.

As a very special surprise everyone was treated to a goodie bag of Squires Kitchen products. What a treat.

I would like to thank Katherine and all her members that night for making the evening such fun and a delight. Also to Squires Kitchen for allowing the group members to use their Cookery School as a venue, including refreshments and goodies that they gave us. But especially to Beverley ( Dutton) for inviting me down and taking time out to show me around.

Brian Epstein worked here.

The following day, I hot footed it off to London for meetings. As I hung around for the first of these, I popped into Hotel Chocolate for a coffee and while watching the world go by sipping my Latte at a table outside, I suddenly discovered a blue plaque on the wall opposite.

‘Brian Epstein The Beatles Manager and Impresario Worked here 1963-1964’

I’m returning to Farnham to visit Squires Kitchen Exhibition on Friday 14th March. An early night for me, the train leaves Leeds at 05:30

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