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Magazines, Leaflets and Booklets

For this month’s virtual Book Club event, I asked members to bake a cake using a recipe from either a Magazine, Leaflet or Booklet. This theme idea came from our Selby club organiser @hilaryleach

Many thanks to those who joined in and baked something this month.

Next month’s the theme is Nigella v Nigel. What will you be baking?

Kay Wells – Sachertorte

“I have chosen to make a Sachertorte cake as I have never made one before. The recipe I have chosen is taken from an old Prima magazine that I must have had for many moons. I have 5 lever A4 double sized files full of magazine cut outs starting back in the 80s when I was baking and cooking at school. I then went on to Thomas Danby’s in Leeds for Catering in the Hotel Industry where I was buying more magazines to do with food and also the weekly mags to make up into 5 collectors binders which I still use today.

Once I have cooked or baked the recipe I write notes on them and the date I made them for reference. In the kids bedroom, now they have flown the nest, I have a book case full of books and files and cake tins and accessories for baking.

All my Clandestine Cake information for Huddersfield is filed there too, keeping me up to date with my members and all the venues we have visited. Diaries and notebooks for new venues still to hunt out for future dates.

I still subscribe to Food Heaven Magazines and also spend too much time patrolling the internet for more and when shopping in the supermarket try and stay out of the magazine aisle, just in case I mingle too long.

It was terrible when I worked at Morrisons as I used to find myself down the aisle before any of the managers arrived scanning the latest monthly mags for more ideas.

When I’m cooking I still here Kevin cry “but that wasn’t in the recipe” as I tend to just adapt to what I think will taste good. Then mum saying “your not still collecting magazine recipes are you” and then hope you never have a fire. The house wouldn’t last two minutes hum.”

Gina Blair – Rhubarb and Orange Cake 

“I found this recipe in the 2013 Good Food magazine. As I have an allotment and a glut of rhubarb I am always looking for new ways to cook the mountains of rhubarb we have every year. The smell of oranges as it was cooking was amazing. It caught a bit on the top but icing sugar covers a multitude of sins ( and burnt bits).”

Hilary Leach – Victoria Sandwich 

“This afternoon I baked a Victoria Sandwich Cake. I found this recipe in a booklet published in 1954 by Trex Cookery.

I chose this cake as lately in the Selby branch there has been much discussion about the best method for a Victoria sandwich cake. I also had a packet of Trex in the fridge, leftover from something else I had made earlier this month. I have  been making jam lately and have used some of my strawberry jam.

I followed the recipe exactly except that I split the batter between two 8 inch cake tins and baked for 20 minutes, rather than all in one tin that required baking for 40-45 minutes.

It has produced a beautiful light sponge and dairy free. My husband has already eaten a slice with his afternoon cup of tea. Trex uses 20% less fat than if you are using butter or margarine and certainly it creams very easily. I may well use this again for a sandwich cake or sponge.”


Michelle Newton – Toffee Sponge Cake.

“This is a recipe I found from my late Grandma’s baking books. Toffee sponge cake, with caramel centre, and a chocolate buttercream topping. I am new to baking and love experimenting!”

Rachel Rarman – Lemon Drizzle Cake

“I baked a lemon drizzle cake from my Cookability booklet, which I received on a residential cooking course 7 years ago. I baked the loaf cake as per the recipe. To make it a bit more special for my Mum’s 60th birthday cake I added a lemon curd and mascarpone filling, lemon drizzle topping and made some crystallized rose petals and lavender flowers to decorate”.


  1. Hilary Leach

    Hi Lynn,
    Only very minor but I’m not an organiser for the York group. I am an organiser for the Selby group. Just incase anyone from York is upset!

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