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Marketing: 15 Top Tips For Your Cake Business

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Figuring out how to marketing your cake business and attracting paying customers when you first start out can be a challenge but I promise it gets easier. The trick is build a name for your cake business.  In no particular order I have put together my top 15 small business marketing tips to help you get started. 

Guest Post by Pi Cato

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  • Social media

Use the power of social media and get your business in front of your perfect customer.  Word of warning choose one or two platforms to start with and do it well. You don’t actually need to be on everything. Find out which platform your target customer uses the most and sign up today.

  • Notice boards

Pop into your cafe, library or anywhere else with a notice board and ask if you can pin advertising flyers or posters to their notice board. 

  • In the press

Get yourself in the local press. Make contact with key journalists in your area and tell them about your business and any newsworthy stories that you may have. You could even send them some cakes! 

  • Online Marketing: build a website

Showcase your business and beautiful cakes on a branded website that is available for your potential customers to view 24/7. There are so many options when it comes to building yourself today, you can go down the DIY route or hire a developer.  I know this is one area where it can be ridiculously confusing but if you need a little help talk to me and I will be more than happy to advise, or even build.

  • Clandestine Cake Club

Join a Clandestine Cake Club in your local area or even start one if there isn’t a club at present. It is great way to meet fellow bakers, build your network, practise your bakes and chat cake.


  • Email newsletters

Build a database of clients and potential clients then email them regular newsletters filled with images of latest cakes, any events you may be attending as well as special offers and anything else that may be of interest to them.

  • Brochures 

Create small brochures to market your cake designs. Leave them in cafes, party venues and hotels but make sure you ask first. 

  • Start a blog

Another techie one but one that will help position you as a go to cake expert.  There are number of brilliant platforms around, some more technical than others. I recommend building one into your website but if not Blogger is a simple platform to get started with. 

  • Advertise in key magazines

Use paid for advertising to entice your customers and build brand awareness. Discover which publications your target customers read and create a hard hitting advert.

  • Interact at a networking event

Make friends and promote your business at local networking events and clubs. Don’t worry they are not all men in suits! Use places like Eventbrite to hunt down events up and down the country. 

  • Team Up 

Team up with another local cake maker or complementary service provider to offer your customers more choice or an enhanced service. 

  • Enter cake competitions

Take time to enter competitions. Even if you’re a runner up it adds kudos to your business profile. 

  • Donate to charity events

Donate simple but beautiful cakes and bakes to charity events. You do have to keep on eye on this as you don’t want to be giving away everything, you are in business after all. But donating to charity events that resonate with you is a wonderful way of promoting your brand and supporting a worthy cause.

  • Attend events

Reach a wider audience and attend farmers markets, bake sales, wedding fayres or food events.  Attending these events are great for obtaining first hand market research too. 

  • Sign up to free online directories 

There are masses of free directories online, such as Yell.com and FreeIndex.com.  Spend a day adding your business to all of them.

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