Marmalade Season

December to February is Marmalade season, and if you can grab hold of the much loved Seville Oranges that are only available through these few brief months, all the better.

A few years ago I visited the vibrant historical city of Seville and the first thing I noticed were the Orange trees that lined many of the streets. Being November, the fruits were still a very dark green and I was told that anyone is allowed to pick them, in moderation of course, once they are ripe. Although personally I might question the toxicity of the fruit growing near any very busy fume filled traffic.

I couldn’t get hold of any Seville Oranges where I live, so I used large Navel Oranges and the recipe I used is from the Honey and Co Baking Book which I bought a while back on one of my many trips to London. I actually bought it from their Honey and Co bakery on 25a Warren Street London. Before making my journey home that day, I’d called in for breakfast and had a bowl of their Ashura Cereal which they serve with yogurt, fresh fruit and Jam,  I’d heard about this amazing duo, Sarit Packer and Itamar Srulovich at the Ballymaloe Lit fest that I attended the same year and just had to buy their recent publication.

We love marmalade at home, for me, the chunkier the better and this recipe had the additional flavours of Cardamom and Thyme which add a hint of flavour that takes nothing away from the overall taste of the zingy oranges. I’m sure you can adjust the taste accordingly, next time I might add a little more of both.

The recipe said to fill 3 small jars or 1kg jar, so these Kilner jars that I was gifted were perfect for my first attempt at making a decent marmalade. Their recipe was so easy to make and seemed to take no time at all.

Many years ago I’d made a valiant attempt at making marmalade for the first time, only for it to turn into glue when cooked. To this day, I’ve no idea what went wrong and it put me off subsequent attempts, until now. Making this recipe, and for it to work first time for me, has encouraged me to try more.

Honey and Co Baking Book has several other types of preserving recipes to make, including many for the products they serve at their bakery. If you fancy a pot of their Marmalade or other preserves, they sell them too.

For me, I’m on a quest to find the elusive Saville Oranges in Yorkshire before they all sell out.

What success and disasters have you had with marmalade?

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