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My Media Influence Live event goals 2018

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It’s hard to believe how things have changed, since I first booked my 2 day ticket to Janet Murray’s Media Influence Live (July 5th and 6th July) event back in March when the tickets first went on sale.  My reasons for attending have changed dramatically. So too have my goals. In fact, it couldn’t have been a more perfect time to go.

Difficult decisions had to be made.

In May I made the very difficult decision to close the CCC Membership and clubs part down, beginning at the end of July. At £300 per month, it was becoming far too expensive to fund the website as I had no sponsorship of any kind to keep it all going. In other words, my money was running out. Couple that with the negative comments and emails I received when I tried to add a membership fee. I realised it was time to make changes and move on. I’d achieved my goals of bringing people together around the world, who may not have met any other way.

My reasons for attending are more important now than they ever were.

At first I thought, what’s the point of attending this event. There didn’t seem to be any reason, now that I was closing part of my website down. Had I wasted my money? I’d already booked my hotel for the night and my train tickets. I pondered this for days and weeks as I began to recover from my CCC burn out. The more I thought about it, the more I realised what perfect timing this was. Not only do I get to take my website and life on a different journey, but I also get the chance to meet likeminded people who will totally get where I’m coming from. People who have probably made similar decisions with their websites and businesses. I had to go. Changing my mindset and coming to that decision was motivating.  I can tell you that I’m really looking forward to it.

What a great line up.

Janet’s done a great job in lining up some great speakers. Listening to them will help and inspire me to plan and move on with my website. So too will meeting the attendees. They are there for the same reasons I am. To connect, network, listen, learn and support each other. I knew I’d made the right decision.

I’m investing in me.

There’s a really interesting podcast by Janet called ‘Do you need to pay to play’. I urge you to listen to it. After I listened to the podcast, I thought, yes, in some cases, you do need to pay to play. Reading and listening to a lot of free stuff  is good. But there comes a time when you need to seriously start to think about investing further in yourself. Paying to play. This is my mantra for the rest of 2018. Along with ‘change is good’. Having goals, has helped me drag myself out from the dark days of negative comments and emails about my decision to make changes. I’m ready to rock and roll. I was investing in me. I’m paying to play.

My goals have changed.

My goals for the rest of the year are to take the Clandestine Cake Club into a new direction. Can I turn it into a personal blog with recipes, reviews and more? Can I run the website without the valuable technical support I’ve been getting over the years? The community will still be there on a Facebook closed group. Not as CCC groups, but as a community of like minded cake lovers. Some of whom have carried on with their cake clubs under a new name. My website costs will become a lot cheaper as I downsize, and my work life balance will be more fun too.

The Entrepreneurial bubble is a lonely place.

Among the many speakers that will be there, I’m particularly interested in listening to  Charlotte the founder of Betty Magazine. Charlotte changed her website from being an offline magazine to an online style and approach. I’d like to find out how she went about it and her reasons for making the changes that she did.

I’m also looking forward to listening to and meeting Janet Murray and many of the Soulful pr group members. We talked over the internet via zoom during some of the weekly Soulful Pr (members) group chats. I’m excited to be able to meet them face to face, and make new like minded friends to connect with. I’m also mindful of giving back and supporting the people who I meet. Not just over the two days, but beyond. I believe networking and staying connected, are vital for entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurial bubble can be a very lonely place.

Giving back is just as important as taking away.

There’s no doubt I will come away with lots of ideas and be inspired by what I hear and the people I meet. But it’s just as important that we give something back. Inspire the people that we meet, listen to what they have to say and keeping in touch wherever we can.

Think about Paying to play and invest in yourself.


  1. Glad you’re investing in yourself — you deserve it! You are such an inspiration — always looking for the next opportunity to grow and create. Thanks for everything you’ve done for CCC over the years. Excited to see what you do next! 🙂

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