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    Hi all,


    Just to let you know that our new baking club will be coming in the early Autumn. We have been offered a permanent home in a lovely South Manchester venue (I’d tell you where but we are still technically Clandestine ;-)) and will run a regularly monthly event. We hope to do some baking club “on tour” events too, where we will gather somewhere different and also vary the week day we meet to allow a range of people to attend.

    The name is still tbc (we will be canvassing opinions shortly) but we will opening our doors to more than cakes – anything baked will be welcomed; savoury or sweet. Everyone seems to love a good theme so we will continue these as they seem to encourage people to try something new!

    If you want to remain involved but haven’t let us know already then please drop us an email at manchestersouthccc@yahoo.co.uk and say you want to be on the mailing list.

    As we won’t be starting for a couple of months we have decided to do a foodie social later this month. The changes start now because it is – brace yourself – on a weekend and…outside! For those of you that have talked to Owen about potential event venues you will know he has been more keen to Go Outside than George Michael so hopefully we will see lots of you there.

    We will run the social through the CCC website and full details of the event will be posted later this week.

    On a final note, Owen and I would like to welcome Sarah to the organising team . Some of you may know her better as the gorgeous dog Marcel’s plus one.

    Hope to see you at the social or at an event soon.

    Claire x