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    What did everyone think of Italian week on gbbo!? 🍝🍕

    • Lavinia. I thought there were some very difficult tasks. I wonder how many home bakers are likely to attempt such recipes, especially the Sfogliatella. Although I’m tempted to try Cannoli, as I have a pasta rolling machine gathering dust in my cupboard. 🙂

    • I can honestly say, other than the pizza, I won’t be trying any at home. I just don’t have the right equipment! 😔 I do love the new themes, caramel now Italian. Wonder what else they have up their sleeve! 😀👏🏻

    • We have a sweepstake at work. 12 of us, the week your baker gets the boot you cook one of the things from that week. Lady this week made Cannoli, they were amazing. She’s not a massive baker but decided to throw herself into doing something she would never make. She’s going to make them again as they were really good.
      Another girl made teacakes for the first time. It’s brilliant!

      • Such a great idea! Tea cakes….love! 🙌🏻😋 That lady was so brave making cannoli, I wouldn’t of dared. Sorry but you would of all got pizza lol….from tescos. 😂