• Jenny Fairhurst posted an update in the group Group logo of Cheshire SouthCheshire South 1 week ago

    Hi all,
    I’ve booked our next event for 14th July 3pm.
    Details for the event are on the Facebook group, so if that’s not incentive to join I don’t know what is!
    Link to the event is below for ease…

    • Hi Jenny, I would like to come to this event, but unfortunately we will be on holiday.
      I tried to join the facebook group, but I haven’t been accepted yet…

      • Hi Sarah, are you sure it’s the right group? There are no pending membership requests for the group?
        The group link is https://m.facebook.com/groups/1280868942016191

        • Hi Jenny, yes, that is the link I used, at the moment it says I can cancel my joining request, which i have not done. i’ve clicked on all the other tabs, but they were unhelpful.
          I wonder if my facebook page is incompatible in some way? It is classed as a product page and it is the only facebook page I have, I’ve never had any problems running it, but I am generally a bit media unsavvy. Sorry, I don’t want this to be your problem. Sarah

          • Hi Jenny, i’ve tried again on my computer at work, but I’m still not getting anywhere with it. Maybe there is something in my settings that is incompatible, I don’t have any problems usually with my facebook page, but I think this has beaten me.

            • Hi Sarah, are you a member of the CCC Facebook group? Do you have a group/business page or a personal named ‘Sarah Bailey’ profile? I think you can only join groups as a member as a person’s individual FB profile.
              E.g. the Cheshire South Bake Club Page wouldn’t be able to join the CCC Facebook page as a member as it’s not classed as an individual person and only people can join as members to groups. Does that make sense?

    • Hi Jenny the link says it has expired. Imhaven’t Signed up to the Facebook page and don’t want to miss out. Can you send it again please? Thanks

      • Hi Jenny, I think you have got it, my facebook page is a business page and that’s why I can’t link up. I’ve only got that page because I was told I had to have it as part of the marketing of an ebook. I’ve never wanted a personal page and I’m currently thinking of running a blog instead of the facebook page anyway. Thank you for your efforts, but it looks like I won’t be joining the facebook group.

        • That’s a shame, but since you follow the twitter account I will post details of our events on there so you can always book a place with me through there? Alternatively if you want to drop me a private message with your email address I can always email you the details of any upcoming events so you can still get involved when you are able to? It would be such a shame to not have you able to participate in group events! We’ll find a way to make it work! 😊x