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    Good Evening Bakers I’m sure that you are all aware of the latest email posted by Lynn regarding the closure of the website at the end of July. The facebook group will still remain and i’m sure that you will continue to enjoy the friendship of other bakers in other areas and photos of their own bakes. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lynn for giving us all the chance to make new friends and and enjoy all the fabulous cakes that we have tasted at our varied venues in the Huddersfield postcode. I would like to thank you all as Huddersfield members for standing by me as organiser since 2015 taking over the roll from Marie-Claire who started the Huddersfield Cake Club 6 years ago. I am planning on carrying on with the cake club and hope that some of you would like to continue meeting up with me at different venues. I will come up with a new name for the club if you like or we could carry on being Hudderfield Cake Club. If any of you are happy to continue please message me so that we can set up a new system whether it be by email or telephone as not everyone is a member on facebook or twitter to keep everyone posted on news feeds. I am open to suggestions on any ideas for communicating as due to the new changes for email addresses and privacy.

    • Hi Kay
      I’d love to keep the club going so I’m in!
      Jo x

      • Hi I would like to meet up still to discuss cake etc I am not on Facebook or Twitter. It is sad that the cake club will be ending soon as have enjoyed going to different events 🙂

    • Hi Kay I know I haven’t been for a while but I’d still like to be a member and start attending again. Many thanks Karen Robinson