• Lindsey Nairn posted an update in the group Group logo of South BedfordshireSouth Bedfordshire 5 days, 19 hours ago

    Hi Everyone. I’m sure you’ve all read the email from Lynn regarding the closure of the CCC website from July. Just want to say how much I’ve enjoyed being an organiser these past 5 years with South Beds, and I hope this new chapter will be just as brilliant – continuing to meet great new people, have a laugh and a natter and of course share our bakes! Kelly and I have decided to move the group over to Facebook, and we are in the process of setting it up at the moment. We will let you know when we are sorted, and will email out a link to the new group 🙂 Hope to see you there! 😀

    • Hi Lindsey – shame about the recent news – but I am sure we can all make things work going forward. Looking forward to the Facebook update – I’m even working on Heidi to come over to the dark side (Facebook!) – perhaps we should be the Clandestine BAKE Club & anything you bake is acceptable – tray bakes, cupcakes, biscuits etc… 🙂

      • Hi Lindsey,
        Sad news about CCC closing, but I look forward to hearing about future events! I’m not currently on Facebook so if you wouldn’t mind keeping me posted via email I’d be very grateful, I may eventually come over to the dark side (FB) too 😉

    • Hi Lindsey, very sad news about the club, but glad we will keep going in our little group. Debbie is right, I am also not on Facebook, so could you also keep me posted via email or What’s App? I assume the June meet will go ahead as planned? As I can actually do that date for a change. Looking forward to the future, pretty sure you will not get me over to the dark side…….

      • Hi! Yep we are fine with emailing out dates etc. to people not on Facebook, I wouldn’t expect you to go over to the dark side on account of us! 😉 We’re not sure yet what’s happening with June – it might be going ahead on that date, but think we need to check to make sure the date is still ok with everyone and Brighton definitely is being rescheduled as people can’t make that date now. So we will float new date ideas when we get sorted 🙂