• Deborah Senior posted an update in the group Group logo of York CentralYork Central 4 days, 22 hours ago

    So just catching up on your messages, thanks for everyone who has shown support for a reincarnation of our York cake club.

    Out of interest, is there anyone who wants to stay with the future club but who doesn’t have Facebook?

    • Yes me!

    • But I am on FB, not your group though?

    • Don’t worry Sarah, we will post the link to the Facebook group on here as soon as we finalise details 🙂

      • Hi Deborah, me too. I think i’ve still got an account, but I only check it about twice a year, so not much good for cake club! It would be great if you could add me to a mailing list. I would really appreciate it.

        Also, thanks for committing to keep the club going. I’ve only been to one in recent years but it was fab. Looking forward to June too.