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    Hello everyone if you haven’t seen Lynn’s message she has made the difficult decision to close the Clandestine Cake Club website

    Would you like to continue having cakey gathering just not as the Clandestine Cake Club?

    If yes we’d try and stick to a few venues we know can have us either where we can make our own drinks or where we can buy drinks

    How often would you like to meet? And what days are better for you ?

    You can either reply to this message or email Buckscakes@gmail.com

    If you do still want to keep going let us know, we can then work out how we’ll keep in touch

    Fingers are being crossed that you still want to get together and eat cake


    • I am happy to meet. I have a suggestion of just making whatever you fancy on the day instead of themes then you’ll get more of a variety xx

      • Hi I’d like to meet up-not been for a while but would love to still come and meet up x

        • Hi Charlotte

          Great to hear from you I’m really glad you’d still like to join in

          We will be in touch once we get ourselves organised

          Margaret x

      • Thanks Rebecca for getting touch I’m really pleased that you would like to carry on I’ve made a note of the choice of whatever you fancy, we will be in touch soon once we get organised
        Margaret x