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North Herts – Thank you for the cake… and so much more

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Written by Lindsey Brockhurst of CCC North Herts.


As we come to the end of an era, I wanted to express a few heartfelt THANK YOUs to a few people.

Thank you first of all to all the bakers who have ever come to our events.  Some of you were probably nervous about coming, some of you only came to one event, some of you came to many.  I hope that you left with more than satiated tummies and some plastic boxes full of cake!

Thank you to everyone who has helped organise the events – from my co-organisers Whizz (2012-2014) and Louise (2014-2018) to the members who have found venues, persuaded local businesses to host us and hosted themselves.

Thank you too to the local businesses who have hosted events, often opening especially for us.  We hope that we brought a little joy to your evenings and a few new customers too!

My final and biggest thank you must go to Lynn Hill, the Founder of this great Clandestine Cake Club.  What a completely fabulous idea you came up with seven years ago!  Cake is a simple pleasure in life and sharing it with people has been truly life changing!  I’ve made some wonderful friends that I wouldn’t have met were it not for the Clandestine Cake Club.  Good luck and know that you’ll have a few supporters from North Herts with whatever the Clandestine Cake Club does next.

All that is left to do is to leave with you with a few photos from the North Herts group over the last 6 and a bit years.

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