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Norwich: Mirror, Mirror on the Cake

Thank you to Vicki for holding the fort and Kirsty for the write up.

The Norwich Cake Club met at the beautiful Un Cafe on a very soggy, wet evening for our ‘Mirror Mirror on the Cake’ April meeting sadly minus our illustrious leader who sent in a sick note for her and her compatriot in crime just hours before the event, and minutes after she’d finished her own cake, which everyone was very sad not to be able to sample.

Un Cafe is a wonderful cafe come kitchen shop just outside Norwich on the B1150. On arrival members prowled round admiring the kitchen cupboard designs and woodwork, the dream pantries and the upholstery.

Mirror cakes included a Lemon Madeira loaf with lime and lemon marmalade filling covered in lemon buttercream and iced with a homemade lemon chocolate mirror glaze, a

Raspberry and chocolate cake with a homemade dark chocolate mirror glaze, a wonderful vision in pink – Rhubarb mousse cake with orange and almond sponge and meringue garlic bulbs and homemade pink mirror glaze, a

Strawberry mousse cake with a genoise sponge and Lakeland chocolate mirror glaze and finally a Lemon Victoria sponge with a lemon curd and lemon buttercream filling and Lakeland chocolate glaze.

All the cakes were delicious, and it was fabulous to have such a range of flavours, textures and colours of mirror glaze, but it was widely agreed that whilst the Lakeland mirror glaze was indeed extremely shiny, the taste was very synthetic in comparison to the homemade glazes and that it didn’t bring much to the party in terms of adding flavour or taste to the cakes.

This didn’t stop members from sampling all cakes, enjoying lots of tea and discussing the merits of gel nails over normal nail varnish for summer toes, which everyone hoped would soon make an appearance given the forecast sunshine for the weekend.

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