Oven Gloves …..

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Oven gloves. Why have one when you can have dozens.

My preference are the small square ones with pockets that enable you to grip pots, pans, cake tins and baking trays easily. I’ve often used folded up tea towels, but they are too thin and don’t really protect you from the heat in the same way.

Funnily enough, each oven glove has a memory, I remember, often with affection, where I bought them. The stripey ones are from Ikea, which I bought several years ago, I have two of those. I love chickens and would love to keep some, and just had to buy a pair from Sophie Allport in Leeds a while back while out shopping with a friend.

My current favourite is the parrot which I bought from Zara at Home in Barcelona. It’s an amazingly colourful store, which is about to open in Leeds very soon. I’ll be first in the queue to buy more of these.


I can’t wait to start using the AEG oven sheet, that was part of a goodie bag when I went to the launch of the new AEG Steambake oven.  I’m saving it until my kitchen refit is complete. It’ll be a much better use than folded up old tea towels and much safer to use too. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used a wet tea towel, which conducts heat faster than a cheetah and nearly dropped a few cakes and baking trays in the process of taking them out of the oven.

Tea Towels, Oven Gloves and Oven Sheets.

What’s your preference?





  1. Gillian Tarry

    Hi Lynn – I came home from the AEG demo not knowing how to use the heavy-duty cloth that was given to us. So pleased I now know!!

  2. I prefer the double ones and my favourite is one I bought while visiting a bee farm in Devon. It’s bright yellow with lots of bees busying themselves around honeypots. I have neutral colours in my kitchen, so like to brighten things up a bit with oven gloves and tea towels ?

  3. Katie Brennand

    I have never seen the square ones before, may have to look them up. I have a giant one in the shape of a hand, although it’s so bulky I always end up shoving it in a drawer. I am guilty of always using a tea towel, which like you said is not fun when it’s damp.
    Thanks for the post, i’ll now toddle off and buy some square oven gloves. 🙂

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