Donate to the Clandestine Cake club

Update 9th May 2018

Mandatory membership fees apply.

I made the decision in January 2018 to ask for donations to help keep the website going. These generous donations, for which all members should be extremely grateful, have supported the club for the last few months meaning that everyone else has been able to access the community for free, but this isn’t a sustainable model for the club going forward.

Having thought carefully about this for the last 7 years and considered the alternative of shutting down the club completely, I think the most beneficial way forward for all members would be to introduce a mandatory membership fee.

Take advantage of a £10 discount on the £35 annual membership. Offer ends 30th May 2018 BST




Donations commenced 16th Jan 2018

Update 8th May 2018

Donations received so far, less PayPal and banking fees = £974.08

The running costs of this website, currently run between £250 and £300 per month. These costs include;

  • monthly Hosting charges. CCC Is a behemoth of a site and needs the best hosting I can find.
  • SMTP monthly charges
  • Technical support. There is only so much I can do myself. Coding and working behind the scenes isn’t one of them, which means I need an expert to put things right, when things go wrong. Good people are very hard to come by. I have one of the best there is.
  • Domain name yearly costs
  • Newsletter plugin costs.
  • Plus piddling misc yearly costs.